Friday, January 29, 2010

What unified communications can do for your business

With the continuous production of new communication technologies, to run a business well, means having to cope with the latest IT trends that shape how enterprises and individuals communicate and transact. One trend to look out for is the increasing enterprise demand for Unified Communications. Businesses that ride this trend can enjoy more flexible and cost-efficient means of collaboration between co-workers, since it combines all other communication tools and services, thus, affording end users freedom from relying on just one medium or having to buy multiple systems. “Tech-savvy companies should see the benefits of this technology clearly—efficiency, economy and increased reach and presence. Using UC services or now referred to as NexGen Services will help your company promote better connections internally with employees and externally, with clients and partners,” Cyril Rocke, president of DataOne, Asia Inc., says Having an integrated or unified communications service becomes increasingly important as businesses and its people become progressively mobile. Enterprises will need to expand costs. For most, this will mean integrating multiple applications, platform and service providers which could translate into higher expenses and maintenance headaches, if not managed properly. Enter UC, which provides a solution by incorporating the various communication channels into one. This means having to deal with just one provider who can manage all the various communication platforms utilized by an enterprise. Flexibility is also assured allowing connectivity with anyone, anywhere at anytime with a choice of using the preferred medium be it wireless phone, netbook, PC, PDA or other mobile devices. Partnering with a new generation telecom provider like VoiceOne enables companies, even start-up enterprises, to enjoy the benefits of UC especially with its NexGen Trunks, WebTalk, and other voice services. “As communications technology advances, we aim to be an enterprises’ provider and partner, as well as the preferred bridge between them to allow business to increase, keeping them up-to-date with global IT trends,” says Rocke.

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