Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Cheapest Call and Text Unlimited: The Sun Magic Zone

Sun Cellular seriously wants to take over Mindanao as they launched a Mindanao loving SIM card called the Sun Magic Zone Mindanao. Yes, it is the cheapest call and text unlimited because for as low as 10 pesos, users could enjoy unlimited call and text unlimited to Sun Cellular subscribers. The SIM is currently being sold for PhP20 pesos with 2 days unlimited call and text so it’s as good as given.

Here are the price brackets:


10 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU10

15 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts+10 Text to other networks MCTU15

50 7 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU50

200 30 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU200

If you try to look at the price bracket, PhP200 for 30 days is dead cheap, no other promotion from both Smart and Globe Telecom can beat this down but there’s a catch, the SIM can only be use within the Mindanao area and won’t work outside the zone and with Unlimited offers used only for Sun Cellular subscribers within the area. Regular Sun loads can be used to call and text subscribers outside Mindanao both Sun Cellular and other Network users.

Tricky isn’t it, but more often than not, most of the people we interact often were within our reached, colleagues at work, friends, family members among other acquaintances so this is just as good as other offers. You must also bear with the limited coverage of the network and must have the power to convince peers to switch to Sun.

Anyways if this given drawbacks were okay to you, then this is a perfect offer to grab!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stay Connected and Online this Christmas with Sun?s P25 Call and Text Unlimited

Good news to all Sun subscribers! Sun P25 Superloaded Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) is now back and is made even cooler! Sold for the same price of just P25, Sun P25 Superloaded CTU now packs more punch, as it now contains free minutes of mobile internet fun!

Seen as a perfect means to stay in touch, especially this Christmas Season, the Sun P25 CTU Superloaded includes unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts packed with 10 texts to ALL networks. In addition to this, it now offers FREE 30 minutes of mobile internet, so you’ll surely be able to spread the Christmas spirit and show your love to everyone on your contact list – whether it be through a sweet text message, a fun call, or a thoughtful personal message using Facebook’s mobile site, Sun P25 Superloaded CTU will surely keep you in the loop 24/7! So why not say ‘hello’ to your brother in Davao to tell him about your Christmas plans? Or send a text message to all your friends to see who’s available for some Christmas shopping? Or better yet, send a message to all your Facebook contacts and invite them to your Christmas Bash? Staying connected under the Sun will never be this easy!

The Sun P25 Superloaded CTU can be availed by loading via Sun XpressLoad retailers, by purchasing Call Cards, or through Load Conversion. Simply text CTU 25 to 247 to convert your regular load and experience the fun!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AdMU Apple iCampus sells discounted iPads!

Looks like the Apple Store (iCampus) inside the Ateneo de Manila University has been selling the iPads at discounted prices. Yes, lower than the suggested retail prices with the 16GB entry-level iPad WiFi selling for only Php23,000.

MB292 iPad WiFi 16GB – Php23,000 (SRP: Php23,990)
MB293 iPad WiFi 32GB – Php27,500 (SRP: Php28,990)
MB293 iPad WiFi 32GB – Php32,000 (SRP: Php33,990)

MC349 iPad WiFi+3G 16GB – Php29,800 (SRP: Php30,990)
MC496 iPad WiFi+3G 32GB – Php33,800 (SRP: Php35,990)
MC497 iPad WiFi+3G 64GB – Php38,500 (SRP: Php40,990)

The Apple iCampus has been distributing flyers with the discounted prices. We’re not sure if the discounts are only offered to AdMU students and faculties. The discounts aren’t that big, slashing between Php990 to Php2,490 off of the suggested retail prices.

Apple’s local release of the iPad seemed a bit off considering everyone’s already expecting a second generation iPad2 is coming in a next few months.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Landline business saturation prods innovation

Amidst the saturation of landline services, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has transform its fixed line business through new offerings that bundle landline service with a touch-screen tablet and high speed myDSL under one package.

"We are reshaping the future of the landline and we are starting to bring it to the market now," said PLDT president and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno. "We are proud that the PLDT TelPad was conceptualized and developed here in the Philippines using world-class technology."

The PLDT TelPad unit includes a special handset that also serves as a charging dock for an application rich, 7-inch screen tablet computer. It is powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor that enables the device to deliver snappy performance. It runs on Android’s latest operating system version 2.2.

TelPad users can download a wide range of applications from the Android Market Google’s online store which offers over 125,000 applications like business apps, e-books and magazines and digital games, including hhe highly popular Angry Birds.

"We’ve packed the PLDT TelPad with features that will dramatically change how we use landlines," said PLDT senior vice president Eric R. Alberto, adding that the Philippine market, with its growing number of "netizens," is ready for an innovative service such as the PLDT Telpad.

The upgrade of the PLDT Domestic Fiber Optic recently with a total of 10,050 kilometers connecting 68 nodes and equipped with a total network bandwidth capacity of 1.56 terabytes will support the high bandwidth requirement of the PLDT TelPad, Alberto said.

"We have reinvented the landline to take on the emerging digital lifestyle and the growing consumer appetite for rich multi-media content", said Dan Ibarra, PLDT group head of Retail Business.

"The intuitive design allows subscribers to access information, entertainment and lifestyle apps easily with simple touch of the screen. Aside from Android based applications such as e-readers, news widgets and games, there are other apps being developed for a more enjoyable PLDT TelPad experience," Ibarra added.

Subscribers who enjoy a multi-media lifestyle can also take advantage of the TelPad’s built-in HDMI port which can be plugged into any flat screen TV, allowing subscribers to watch movies, play games and very soon, even sing along with the Videoke app on the TV’s larger screen.

The PLDT TelPad service starts at Plan 1849 with 1-megabit-per-second (Mbps) broadband connection and landline service. The PLDT TelPad unit comes bundled with the plan. Existing PLDT myDSL customers only need to add as low as P500/month to upgrade to the TelPad Plans.

The other PLDT TelPad plans are Plan 2099 at 1.5 Mbps (P2, 099 per month), Plan 3095 at 2.5 Maps, and Plan 4100 at 3.5 Mbps. All these are inclusive of the landline phone and myDSL broadband service.

The device has 2GB internal capacity that can be augmented by an SD card and USB slot for extended storage. The TelPad also carries a 2-megapixel front camera for still shots and videoconference calls.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

GLOBE Mobile Tweet

To start using Twitter Mobile, you must
first register by texting:

to 2363 for FREE.

Upon registration, you can now avail of
the following services:

Send a tweet by texting:
TWEET to 2363 (P1/txt)

Send up to 10 tweets everyday for half the price by texting:
ON TWEET to 2363 (P5/day)

Send one free tweet per day by texting:
TWEETF to 2363 (FREE)

Send a direct message by texting:
D to 2363 (P1/txt)

Get the last 150 tweets in your feed via MMS by texting:
FEED to 2363 (P2.50/MMS)

Subscribe to your DMs and Mentions by texting:
@ to 2363 (P1/txt)

Receive tweets from select users by texting:
FOLLOW to 2363 (P1/txt)

Unlimited tweets + 10 free DMs/mentions for
P20/day, text:

SkyCable to roll out first digital TV recorder service in PH

Two years after it first brought HD (high-definition) channels to local viewing, Lopez-owned SkyCable is attempting to break new grounds once again with the first PVR (personal video recorder) service in the country which it is scheduled to offer in the first quarter of 2011.

The PVR offering, which does not have an actual brand yet, works exactly like the TiVo service in the US in which a device records TV shows onto a hard drive in digital format. Unlike video and DVD recorders, there is no need for tapes or disks. PVRs also have the ability to pause live TV and replay scenes just watched while continuing to record.

Rodrigo Montinola, SkyCable VP for marketing, said during the press briefing last week in Quezon City that the PVR service would give subscribers the “power to choose not just what to watch but when to watch”.

“But given the difference in demographics, we’re not expecting it to be as big as in the US. The important thing is to get it out in the market and see the customer reaction,” said Montinola.

Subscribers who will avail of the service will be charged an added amount for the PVR box that will be installed in their homes. The company said it has ordered a minimal number of units for the launch of the service early next year.

SkyCable’s move comes after tech titan PLDT revved up its vaunted marketing machinery this year to promote its satellite-based digital TV service under the Cignal brand. In a press briefing in early October, Cignal president Ray Espinosa boldly predicted the end of cable-based TV service in the country.

But, Montinola refused to be drawn in a word war and simply said that cable TV service, now infused with HD programs, is still expanding in the country. “Our infrastructure is in cable TV and we continue to invest in cable TV,” the official said.

In fact, Montinola said SkyCable is expecting to double its subscription base, particularly in Metro Manila, this year. A major driver of this growth, he said, is the introduction of SkyCable Select, a service allows subscribers to pick and choose the channels, including HD, that they want to be added to their cable subscription.

In 2008, the cable firm pioneered the first HD TV broadcast in the country when it presented the Ryder Cup golf tournament in HD followed by the introduction of 24/7 HD channels by April 2009. In June of the same year, SkyCable scored another innovation when it presented the first locally produced HD program with the airing of live coverage of the UAAP and NCAA basketball games in HD.

Last July, SkyCable also offered the exclusive HD coverage of the 2010 World Cup matches in South Africa.

At present, SkyCable offers eight HD channels, namely: Discovery HD World, History HD, National Geographic Channel HD, HBO HD, NBA Premium HD, Star Movies HD, Fox Crime HD and ESPN HD.





To register, just send TALK15 to 6420.

*Registration is from 1am to 10am only.

To call, just dial *6420 + 11 digit SMART Buddy number. (Ex. *642009181234567)

*P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained.
Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.


Promo is open to SMART Buddy Subscribers only.
Subscriber must have the minimum balance of P15 to be able register to the promo.
Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network. Unlimited calls can be made from 1am to 11am only.
SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions and to calls made to other networks.


Up to 6 Smart/TNT Friends!

To register, send TALK20 to 6630.

To call, dial *6630 + 11-digit SMART/ TNT number

(ex. *663009181234567)


· Promo is open to all SMART Buddy subscribers.

· Subscriber should have the minimum airtime balance of P20 to register to the promo.

· Subscribers registered to the package can enjoy unlimited calls ONLY to the first 6 SMART/TNT numbers they call up.

· Upon successfully calling a SMART/ TNT number, subscriber will get a notification spiel informing him/ her that he/ she may enjoy unlimited calls to the dialed number.

· To check all 6 numbers with whom the subscriber can enjoy unlimited calls, he/ she should send MYGRP to 6630.

· Subscriber registered to SMARTALK 20 will be charged with the prevailing call rate for any call transaction made to other networks. Amount is deducted from the remaining balance.

· Subscriber registered to SMARTALK 20 will be charged with the prevailing text rate for any SMS transaction. Amount is deducted from the remaining balance.

· Concurrent registration to SMARTALK 20 and other unlimited call package is not allowed.

· The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DTI and NTC Accepts Complaints Online

Ostensibly to help wronged retail and service provider customers, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) have set up online complaint forms.

The Consumer Complaints System of the DTI lets users enter their name, contact information, and the name of the establishment or person they want to complain about. Users can also upload two files (at the very least a scan of their proof of purchase) to provide further details. Got a complaint regarding a company or store’s deceptive businesses practices?

It’s more or less the same thing with the NTC system, but there’s no need to upload documents scans. I find funny the double question marks funny though: “Have you tried to contact and resolve the issue with the company in question??” If you have a complaint against Smart, Globe, Sun, or any other company who provides you with communication services.

I personally don’t know how effective either site is, but for anyone who’s tried lodging a complaint online, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Globe Easy Access of VAS via USSD Menu

Starting Nov. 8, 2010, USSD VAS menu will be open to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM subscribers.


It’s a one stop shop to access a variety of infotainment and download services. No need to remember several keywords or access numbers. Just simply dial one number (*108#) to browse through a menu to avail of infotainment services and content downloads that you are looking for.


The menu is open to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM

Dialing the number and browsing
Subscriber can use ANY handset when calling *108# and accessing the menu.

For prepaid subscribers, they can still access the menu even with 0 balance but will not be able to avail of the services where charges are applicable.

For Postpaid accounts that are redirected, the experience would be similar to voice calls wherein no calls can be made by the account.

TV5 teams up with Metra for advanced weather forecasting system

"Weather forecasting and reporting in the Philippines will take a great leap forward as TV5 collaborates with the Metra Information Limited (Metra) of New Zealand for the provision of Metra's Weatherscape XT, the world's leading edge weather graphics system. A member of the UN World Meteorological Organization, Metra is the world's No. 1 weather news service with over 100 systems installed around the world.

"TV5 has a special relationship with Metra as the international weather organization's first media partner in the Philippines. Metra gives TV5 access to the world's most advanced computer-based weather visualization system, enabling the network to be ahead of the weather at any given time.

"Metra Weatherscape's full-featured weather graphics and data management solutions deliver relevant and accurate weather information, which is exactly what the country needs, particularly in forecasting extreme weather conditions. Fusing meteorological science with the latest advancements in computer graphics technology, Metra Weatherscape will give TV5 access to better weather communications systems and to dependable, high-quality forecasts providing a more timely supply of data.

"'We recognize the people's need to always be informed about weather situations that may affect their safety and livelihood. Apart from our thrust in TV5 to be abreast with global technological standards, it is really the Filipino people's need for relevant and accurate weather information that we're addressing in our partnership with the world's best weather forecast provider," shared Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, TV5's President and CEO.

"Metra is a subsidiary of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited and is a world leader in weather forecasting products and services. In the broadcast industry, Metra works with networks worldwide, with customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. International clients such as McDonalds and Marks & Spencer use Metra weather forecasts to fine tune their operations. Metra also recently signed an agreement with the Philippines' PAGASA.

"Metra's CEO, Paul Reid, flew in to Manila recently to ink the partnership agreement with TV5. 'Metra's continued growth and expansion in Asia highlights an increasing worldwide demand for timely, accurate and dynamic weather programming, and it also further reaffirms the broadcast industry's recognition of Metra as the world's leading provider of weather graphics and programming systems,' Reid said.

"With this team-up with Metra, TV5 has taken the lead among the country's major national networks in providing the most sophisticated and highly advanced weather reporting system to Filipino viewers across the nation."

Friday, November 19, 2010




1) The SMART Buddy BIG BONUS Promo is available to selected SMART Buddy SIMs that are activated and registered within October 16 to December 31, 2010. The SMART Buddy Limited Edition Unli SIMs are not qualified for this promo.

2) Upon activation of the SIMs, subscribers may choose between the bonuses below. Each subscriber is entitled to their selected bonus only ONCE upon registration.

a. Bonus 1:
i. Fifteen (15) minutes of consumable calls to SMART or Talk ‘n Text
ii. Just text 15MINS to 7555 to register for FREE. One time registration
iii. To consume the free calls, subscribers should type *7555 plus the
11-digit number of the subscriber being called.
(E.g.: *755509181234567)

b. Bonus 2:
i. Fifty (50) texts to SMART or Talk ‘n Text subscribers.
ii. Just text 50TXT to 7555 to register for FREE. One time registration

3) Click here for the calendar to get additional bonuses.

a. The additional bonuses are valid for subscribers who availed regular
SMARTLoad worth at least thirty pesos (Php30.00) via retailer,
Smart Money, SMART Call and Text Cards. Loading through Pasaload
and other SMART call and text promos are not valid to receive the
b. Accumulated purchases of load denominations worth less than
Php30.00 are also not valid to receive the bonuses.
c. Each subscriber is entitled to the additional bonus only ONCE
during the designated loading period.

4) The bonuses shall be credited within forty-eight (48) hours upon registration or loading and shall be valid within twenty-four (24) hours upon crediting.

5) Subscribers must maintain at least one peso (Php 1.00) load in order to enjoy the bonuses.

6) Registration cut-off is until December 31, 2010. Bonuses may be credited up to February 28, 2011.


Enjoy clear, continuous, consumable calls of up to 30 minutes and get free texts to all-networks for only P25!


1. Max Call Combo is available and exclusive to Buddy subscribers nationwide.
2. Package offers 100 Smart/Talk ‘N Text sms + 10 sms to all networks + 30 Smart/Talk ‘N Text consumable minutes valid for 1 day for only P25.
3. Availment of the package is as follows:

* To register via SMS, subscriber must send 25 to 2522.
* The Max Call Combo shall also be available via Smart Load Retailers nationwide.

4. The subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration or eload and shall be credited the Max Call Combo package.
5. To call, the subscriber must dial *2522+ 11-digit Smart/Talk ‘N Text number. Ex: *252209181234567. Calls may be availed any time of the day. Calls dialed without the calling prefix shall be charged regular calling rates, deducted from the subscriber’s airtime balance.
6. The subscriber must maintain P1.00 airtime balance to continue using the package.
7. Package validity is 1 day.
8. Multiple availment of the Max Call Combo is allowed. Concurrent availment with other packages is allowed.
9. The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.



1. AllTxt 20 Combo is available and exclusive to Buddy subscribers nationwide.
2. Package offers 150 Smart/Talk ‘N Text sms + 10 sms to all networks + 10 Smart/Talk ‘N Text consumable minutes valid for 1 day for only P20.
3. Availment of the package is as follows:

* To register via SMS, subscriber must send C20 to 2827.
* AllTxt 20 Combo shall also be available via Smart Load Retailers nationwide.

4. The subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration or eload and shall be credited the AllTxt 20 Combo package.
5. To call, the subscriber must dial *2827+ 11-digit Smart/Talk ‘N Text number. Ex: *282709181234567. Maximum call duration is 5 minutes and shall automatically be cut on the 5th minute. Calls may be availed any time of the day. Calls dialed without the calling prefix shall be charged regular calling rates, deducted from the subscriber’s airtime balance.
6. The subscriber must maintain P1.00 airtime balance to continue using the package.
7. Package validity is 1 day.
8. Multiple availment of the AllTxt 20 Combo is allowed. Concurrent availment with other packages is allowed.
9. The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.
10. Enhancement shall be effective starting October 15, 2010 and shall continue to be a permanent service.

**Also available: All Txt 30 Combo for 2 days and All Txt 60 Combo for 5 days

Mega Lahatxt 20

Mega dahil sa lahat ng Lahatext offers, ito ang may pinaka-mega-daming texts! P20 a day lang, 250 texts na to ALL NETWORKS! 200 Smart to SMART plus 50 texts sa ibang universe. Megaload na! Text 20 to 2266.


1. The Mega Lahatxt 20 shall be available and exclusive to Buddy Subscribers nationwide.
2. Packages are as follows:

Mega Lahatxt 20 20.00

200 Texts to Smart/TNT + 50 texts to all networks valid for 1 day

3. Availment of the package is as follows:

* SMS Registration: To register, subscriber must send syntax to access number.

Mega Lahatxt 20 20.00 Send 20 to 2266

* Eload: Mega Lahatxt 20 shall be available via Retailers through the Eload Menu or Keyword Selling

4. The subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration or eload and shall be credited the corresponding Mega Lahatxt 20 package.
5. The subscriber must maintain P1.00 airtime balance to continue using the package.
6. Multiple availments of any of the Mega Lahatxt 20 shall be allowed. Concurrent availment with other packages must be allowed.
7. The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.
8. When a pre-enrolled sub does a balance inquiry, the sms notification must include the expiry of the Mega Lahatxt 20 package.





To register, just send TALK15 to 6420.

*Registration is from 1am to 10am only.

To call, just dial *6420 + 11 digit SMART Buddy number. (Ex. *642009181234567)

*P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained.
Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.


Promo is open to SMART Buddy Subscribers only.
Subscriber must have the minimum balance of P15 to be able register to the promo.
Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network. Unlimited calls can be made from 1am to 11am only.
SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions and to calls made to other networks.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Globe Super Combo 20

Super Combo 20 offers 1 Day unlimited Texting plus 50 Minutes of voice call (yes it can be divided to different calls)

To Register text COMBO20 to 8888

1 Peso Maintaining Balance needed to continue availing this promo.

Promo is valid until November 30 2010 (it might get extended as what happens to famous promos globe has)

AllTxt 20 Combo

AllTxt 20 Combo is new and improved! You get 150 texts to Smart/Talk N' Text + 10 texts to other networks + 10 consumable minutes to Smart/ Talk N' Text! All of that, just for P20.00!

Go ahead and register! Text C20 to 2827!

red mobile UNLITXT COMBO



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Portable 3G Router

Smart now has their own version of a portable 3G+WiFi router they called SmartBro Pocket WiFi. This new product competes head-on with Globe MyFi launched back in July.

The SmartBro Pocket WiFi is only available on a postpaid Plan 495 for 50 hours of 3G internet every month. You will also need to add another Php150 per month for the Pocket WiFi device for the next 24 month lock-in period (that makes Php645/month for 24 months).

An extra Php10 per 30 minutes will be charged on top of the MSF when you exceed the 50 hour allocation. The promised speed it up to 2Mbps. They even have a promo that if you pay on time, you get 5 hours free on top of your monthly allocation.

As of the moment, they do not have an unlimited plan, probably because this will compete with the SmartBro Share-It Unlimited Plan. However, unlike the SmartBro Share-It that is restricted to your area/city/province, the SmartBro Pocket WiFi has nationwide coverage.

Likewise, since this is a postpaid account, the Smart UnliSurf offers (Unlisurf200) are not applicable on this device. Not sure if this is also a Huawei device (probably a ZTE by the looks of it) but it can handle up to 5 WiFi devices at the same time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


1. Ano ang DagdagCALL?

Ang DagdagCALL ay dagdag na 3 minutes pangtawag to TM/Globe na pwedeng hati-hatiin P5 lang! Maari lang bumili ng DagdagCALL kung ikaw ay registered sa - SULITXT5, ASTIGTXT10, at ASTIGTXTALL.

2. Pwede ba akong magregister sa DagdagCALL anytime?

Maari ka lang magregister sa DagdagCALL hangga't hindi pa expired ang iyong SULITXT5, ASTIGTXT10, at ASTIGTXTALL.

3. Pwede ba akong magregister ng paulit-ulit sa DagdagCALL?

Oo, pwede kang magregister ng higit sa isang beses sa DagdagCALL, hangga't hindi pa expire ang iyong SULITXT5, ASTIGTXT10, o ASTIGTXTALL.

5. Ano ang mangyayari kapag nagregister ako ng paulit-ulit sa DagdagCALL?

Maiipon ang iyong 3 minutes na pangtawag.

Halimbawa. Kung magreregister ka ng tatlong beses sa DagdagCALL, magkakaipon ka ng 9 minutes na pantawag to TM/Globe na pwedeng hati-hatiin.

6. Kailan mag-e-expire ang DagdagCALL ko?

24 hours ang validity DagdagCALL. Mag-eexpire ang DagdagCALL mo, makalipas ang 24 hours mula sa huli mong DagdagCALL registration.

7. Hindi pa expired ang aking DagdagCALL. Maari ba akong makapagregister sa mga TM combo at voice promo?

Hindi. Dapat maubos muna ang iyong DagdagCALL minutes bago makaregister sa TM combo o voice promos.


1. Ano ang DagdagTXT?

Ang DagdagTXT ay dagdag na 10 texts to ALL NETWORKS. P5 lang! Pwede lang bumili ng DagdagTXT kung ikaw ay registered sa ASTIGTAWAG20.

2. Pano kung registered ako sa ibang promo maliban sa ASTIGTAWAG20, maari pa rin ba akong mag DagdagTXT?

Hindi. Hindi ka makakapagregister sa DagdagTXT kung ikaw ay hindi registered sa ASTIGTAWAG20.

3. Pwede ba akong magregister sa DagdagTXT anytime?

Maari ka lang magregister sa DagdagTXT hangga't hindi pa expire ang iyong ASTIGTAWAG20.

4. Pwede ba akong magregister ng paulit-ulit sa DagdagTXT?

Oo. Pwede kang magregister ng higit sa isang beses sa DagdagTXT, hangga't hindi pa expire ang iyong ASTIGTAWAG20.

5. Ano ang mangyayari kapag nagregister ako ng paulit-ulit sa DagdagTXT?

Maiipon ang iyong 10 texts to ALL NETWORKS.

Halimbawa. Kung magreregister ka ng tatlong beses sa DagdagTXT, makakaipon ka ng 30 texts to ALL NETWORKS.

6. Kailan mag-eexpire ang DagdagTXT ko?

24 hours ang validity DagdagTXT. Mag-eexpire ang DagdagTXT mo, makalipas ang 24 hours mula sa huli mong DagdagTXT registration.

7. Hindi pa expire ang aking DagdagTXT. Maari ba akong makapagregister sa TM text offers?

Hindi. Dapat maubos muna ang iyong DagdagTXT bago makaregister sa TM text promos.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

DOST, Smart ink pact on co-location of rain gauges

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has announced that it has forged a deal with Smart Communications for the placement of telemetric rain gauges in the wireless operator’s cell sites.

DOST, through the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa), signed the agreement with Smart on October 5 initially covering 63 cell sites nationwide.

“The co-location of our telemetric gauges in Smart cell sites will complement our on-going program to strengthen the capacity of Pagasa in issuing weather forecasts and flood warnings to the public,” DOST secretary Mario G. Montejo said in a statement.

Each telemetric rain gauge automatically sends rainfall data to Pagasa’s 44 Automatic Weather Stations in the form of short messaging system or SMS. The data will then be posted real-time in Pagasa’s website that is accessible to the public.

The co-location arrangement also means Pagasa telemetric rain gauges will have uninterrupted power supplies during power outage caused by the weather disturbances.

DOST undersecretary and concurrent Pagasa acting administrator Graciano P. Yumul Jr. said the pact will save the weather bureau additional expenses in setting up new locations for its weather forecasting instruments since Smart cell sites are already in place nationwide.

The new agreement expands a similar initiative previously covering Metro Manila. Smart offered to accommodate the installation of the additional Pagasa rain gauges in its cell sites nationwide.

Pagasa and Smart engineers earlier met to identify the ideal sites for co-location of the rain gauges in areas such as Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan, Abra, Benguet, Bulacan, Zambales, Metro Manila, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Mindoro Oriental, and Marinduque Camarines Norte, and Sorsogon in Luzon and Negros Occidental, Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo, Bohol, Northern Samar, and Leyte in the Visayas.

Other provinces in Mindanao considered for the project include Lanao Del Norte, Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, Sarangani, Davao Del Norte, Sultan Kudarat, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur.

“Smart is very happy to be part of this noble partnership which aims at saving the lives of our people during disasters,” Smart Communications president and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno said in a statement.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google Translate spews profanities in Filipino

It may be funny, but it underscores a problem that's nothing to laugh about.

Making the rounds in social media today are screengrabs of errors produced using Google Translate that show bewilderingly profane Filipino translations for English-language scientific terms.

For example, Google Translate converts "titration" (a common chemistry lab procedure) into "pagsukat sa t***". Attempting to translate the noun's verb form, "titrate", yields the similarly profane-sounding but nonsensical "t***in".

Google Translate, an online language translation tool, also renders other scientific terms into less risqué but no less bewildering Filipino translations: "sublimation" becomes "pangingimbabaw"; "diffusion" is "pagsasabog"; "inorganic" is "tulagay".

Google Translate and other similar online tools (such as Yahoo! Babelfish) are inherently not designed to produce perfectly fluent translations. The results generated by online translators are often syntactically and grammatically incorrect, but are largely expected to be reasonable approximations of the meaning of the original text.

Google Translate, for its part, performs this task by comparing large volumes of online text and looking for similar patterns in a process called "statistical machine translation".

This means that English words don't necessarily have to have a direct Filipino translation; Google Translate just needs to have a large enough sample of human-translated documents for it to understand idioms and turns-of-phrase that are particular to the language being translated.

The fact that Google Translate seems to fail more often when translating scientific terms indicates the dearth of Filipino science-related documents online.

And this is certainly no laughing matter, according to Dr. Isagani Tapang, an associate professor of physics at the University of the Philippines in Diliman and chair of AGHAM.

"This is directly indicative of scientific output in the Philippines. Maliit na nga ang output, mas konti pa ang sinasalin sa Filipino (The output itself is small, and the number of Filipino translations is even smaller)," he said.

Tapang stressed the need for Filipino-language scientific articles for educational purposes. What's needed isn't necessarily direct word-for-word translations of scientific terms, he says, but rather instructional and educational materials that discuss science in the vernacular.

"For example, we know what a 'transistor' is even if it's an English term. But when we talk about it in the classroom, the discourse is in Filipino," he noted.

"You still need to report scientific developments in the vernacular, otherwise it will remain in the original language. Hindi na sya mababasa, so paano sya lalaganap? (It won't get read, so how will it spread?)," Tapang said.

He also pointed out that the effort need not encompass large bodies of text just yet. "Even just Filipino-language abstracts of scientific papers will be a great help," he opined.

Based on Tagalog Wikipedia statistics alone, as of Oct. 5, there are only 246 science articles out of over 20,000 on the site.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Globe GCASH Card

Globe GCASH Card allows you to access your GCASH Wallet/s through any Expressnet, BancNet and MegaLink ATMs. GCASH Card is available to Globe subscribers starting Friday, October 1, 2010. Here are the privileges and mechanics on how to apply for a Globe GCASH Card.

Globe GCASH Card
a. You must be a registered GCASH member.
b. Application is done online. Visit
c. You must have at least a minimum of Gcash wallet amount of Php 100.00.

a. It allows you to withdraw your GCASH wallet from any of the 9,000 ATMs nationwide, across all ATMs - Megalink, Bancnet, Expressnet, Encash etc.
b. Choose your own customized design or from the GCASH Card sample cards found on the website.

a. The cost of the GCASH Card will be PHP 100. This will be deducted from the GCash wallet.
b. Delivery of the card will be 2 weeks from the date of application.
c. You will be charged P20 for every withdrawal from your GCASH Card regardless of the amount.
d. To follow up your application, you can send an email to
e. Read the image policies and guidelines before uploading your own customized photo or background.

Sun Cellular offer Mobile Travel SIM

Now, tourists and balikbayans have more reasons to visit the Philippines. With the new Sun Mobile Travel SIM, travelers can call back home with the lowest rates of Sun Cellular.

In partnership with Cebu Pacific, Sun Cellular brings the powerful SIM that offers as much as 100 minutes of IDD calls to key countries.

With this tie-up, travelers to the country are able to get in touch with their loved ones more conveniently. In fact, the Sun Mobile Travel SIM is available on Cebu Pacific’s international flights to the Philippines.

The new international mobile SIM has 100 minutes of IDD calls to the United States (mainland), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Guam, or as much as 40 minutes of IDD calls to other select countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia.

What’s more, it has 20 international text messages to 20 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Oman, Cyprus, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.

The SIM also has P150 credits for more IDD calls and international text messages. It also has Unlimited Call and Text service within the Sun network.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Globe says GCash is fastest growing online payment mode

GCash, a mobile money transfer service developed by Globe Telecom, has become the fastest-growing payment mode for online shopping, gaming, and payment sites both in the Philippines and abroad, the company said.

Beginning with person-to-person transfers to airtime load purchases and bills payments, GCash has expanded to Internet payments and has now become a major payment option for Internet shoppers who prefer quick and hassle-free transactions.

With the emergence of GCash as the preferred mode of payment among individual Filipino online sellers, particularly in Multiply, other established shopping, gaming, and payment sites have also realized the value that GCash would bring to their businesses. Such websites are now offering GCash as payment option together with other traditional methods.

Globe and TM subscribers can avail of the service through a one-time registration process via the GCash Menu in their SIMs. The GCash Menu provides the user with a guided experience without having to memorize key words.

Once registered, loading GCash into their mobile wallets is simply done by dropping by any of the 18,000 GCash outlets nationwide. When paying online, GCash users only need to select GCash from the payment selection window and they will be asked to key in their GCash registered mobile number and GCash PIN for transaction verification.

There are thousands of online entrepreneurs all accepting GCash payments. They are usually in popular shopping sites like Ebay, Multiply, and However, aside from being the “venue” where these buy and sell transactions are being conducted, Multiply ( and ( have taken GCash into the next level by accepting GCash payments for their various services.

Online networking site Multiply makes upgrading accounts much easier for Filipino users with the integrated “Pay with GCash” button while now accepts GCash for payment of Sulit Gold (SG) credits which can be used to purchase additional exposure time on the website’s premium advertising space.

Current additions to the list of sites accepting GCash payments include Buy Online (, PhilShopping (, and Bum-Buys (

The online stores carry a wide range of products from a reliable list of local and international suppliers. The products include apparel, accessories, books, electronic and computer gadgets, movies, music, toys, baby needs, cosmetics, pets, home improvement, furniture and fixtures, among other things.

Pinoy Wellness (, a soon-to-be launched health and wellness portal is also working on a partnership with GCash for online payment of mass vaccines that will be delivered and administered to customers in their place of work.

Online gaming sites such as Run Up Philippines ( accept GCash payments to buy points and virtual credits. Hong Kong-based Run Up Games Distribution Limited was established in 2002 and is a major distributor and operator of online games and related products not only in the Philippines but also in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Popular Run up games include Luna Online, X-Machine Online, and Khan Wars.

GCash call also be used for Facebook ( games thru Paymo, the mobile payment brand of global leader BOKU, Inc. It allows Facebook gamers in the Philippines to purchase virtual credits for their favorite Zynga, PlayFish and Enigma games such as Farmville, Café World, Mafia Wars, Poker, Fishville, Petville, Vampire Wars, Yoville, Challenge Sudoku, Restaurant City, Poker Rivals, Pet Society, Hotel City, Gangster City, Crazy Planets and Country Story.

Facebook is currently the most visited website in the country with approximately 10 million Filipino subscribers, most of them engaging in at least one of its highly-addictive games.

Likewise, GCash was tapped by Asia Pay (, an electronic payment gateway provider, for its PesoPay online payment service.

The PesoPay via GCash facility enables real-time Internet payment to reach millions of GCash mobile commerce customers in the Philippines and around the world. Businesses will be able to enjoy GCash payment acceptance in any e-commerce Web page using PesoPay payment system.

GCash is also currently working with Payfree ( for online payment of Payfree credits which in turn can be used to purchase airtime load.

Payfree is an electronic wallet and payment solution that incorporates SMS-based applications to pay or get paid online or through POS (point-of-sale) transactions. It features several value-added services such as discounted VoIP calls and electronic loading of prepaid cell phone credits for all of its members.

The use of GCash in online shopping, gaming and payment sites is expected to further expand in the coming years as more gamers and online shoppers take advantage of the ease, convenience, safety, and security offered by the GCash system.

As with any payment facility, mobile or traditional, GCash said shoppers to make sure that online sellers are trustworthy before doing any transaction. It is always ideal for buyers to send money to sellers they are familiar with.

As an added customer service, prospective buyers who want to use GCash may call the 24/7 GCash Hotline 2882 toll-free from their Globe or TM cellphone or 7392882 from any landline to verify the GCash number given them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talk N Text intros cheap mobile Web with Koneknet

Smart Communications subsidiary Talk ‘N Text has unveiled an “affordable mobile Internet” service via Koneknet, which provides five hours of unlimited mobile Internet browsing for only P30.

Koneknet allows Talk ‘N Text subscribers to use their cellphones to go and stay online to update their blogs, chat or send emails, and browse through social networking sites at a fixed and low cost.

“Our subscribers have traditionally benefited from the ‘nationwidest’ network coverage of Talk ‘N Text, its affordable offers, and the convenience of finding prepaid load wherever they are. Koneknet expands this host of benefits, and is a natural progression of our strategy of providing basic yet advanced services to our subscribers, at least cost,” said Perry Bayani, head of marketing at Talk ‘N Text.

“Koneknet also helps advance Smart’s ‘Internet for All’ agenda — or to bring the benefits of the Internet more quickly to more people in more places,” added Bayani.

To experience mobile Internet, Talk ‘N Text subscribers must first set the 3G/MMS/GPRS features of their cellphone, and they may do this by texting SET to 211.

After the settings have been received and saved, the Koneknet package may be conveniently availed of by sending NET30 to 4450.

Talk ‘N Text subscribers may also subscribe by clicking on the Koneknet button in Smart’s mobile portal —

The 30-peso charge will be deducted from the subscriber’s prepaid credit at registration. A 1-peso prepaid balance must be maintained while subscribed to the Koneknet package.

Any amount of time exceeding the registered 5-hour period will be charged the existing flat rate of P10 for every 30 minutes.

Koneknet is exclusively available to Talk ‘N Text subscribers. Talk ‘N Text Tipid-Sulit SIM packs are available from all Smart resellers everywhere, and prepaid load for it is available from over a million load retailers nationwide.

As of end-June 2010, the subscriber base of Talk ‘N Text has reached 18 million, and the growth has been attributed to the value-for-money offers of the brand, with some bucket promos that offer as low as P.10 for every SMS.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Globe MyFi Price Drop

So this was the surprise promo that Globe reps told me the day they talked to us about the MyFi and they really did good with their promise. A reader tipped us that Globe has dropped their MyFi devices by almost 50% off!

For Globe MyFi PostPaid accounts, it’s down from Php250/month to:

* Php149/month on Plan 499
* Php99/month on Plan 999

For Prepaid accounts, it is now down to Php4,000 one-time from Php7,000 previously.

Looks like Globe has finally decided to subsidize the units to push sales of these units.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Globe's newest promo for all internet addicts..
GLOBE POWERSURF30 for P30 you will get 3 hours of consumable internet hours valid for 1 day

GLOBE POWERSURF50 for P50 you will get 5 hours of consumable internet hours valid for 3 days.

To register: type POWERSURF50 (1day) or POWERSURF50 (3days) to 8888

Must maintain P5 to continue using the service.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MyRewards MyGlobe PLUS

Globe Telecom on Tuesday via its Facebook page announced a new promo, the "MyRewards MyGlobe PLUS". It will allow subscribers to get bonus points for the Globe 4438 My Globe My Rewards promo, which was launched in early April this year. Here are the full mechanics.

MyRewards MyGlobe PLUS

Want to get BONUS MyRewards MyGlobe points? Now you can! With MyRewards MyGlobe PLUS! Register and start receiving mobile ads from 2239 that will give you BONUS MyRewards MyGlobe points.

* FREE REGISTRATION: Text PLUS to 2239 to register for free!
* FREE ADS: Start receiving free ads once you have successfully registered.
* FREE POINTS: Get BONUS MyRewards MyGlobe points when you receive ads. Your BONUS points will help you redeem the rewards that you've been dreaming of.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Globe launches SMS Reply-All service with SMS GupShup

Globe Telecom and SMS GupShup launched the SMS Reply-All Chat service, enabling subscribers to simultaneously communicate with multiple people using SMS.

SMS GupShup, based in Mumbai, India, is the world’s largest social SMS network where users are allowed to create mobile communities and broadcast messages to them.

The SMS Reply-All Chat service extends the capabilities of SMS from basic person-to-person (P2P) messaging to many-to-many (M-to-M) messaging.

Similar to the commonly used “CC” and “Reply-All” features on e-mail, Globe’s SMS Reply-All Chat service works on every handset, is easy to use, and requires no training, no software downloads, no data connectivity or change in handset.

Globe subscribers will find it easier to be more social - whether they are organizing parties, meetings or any other activity that requires co-ordination among multiple individuals.

Instead of relaying and forwarding messages from one person in the group to the other, everyone in a group can update everyone else at the same time with the SMS Reply-All Chat service from Globe.

“Our vision at Globe has been to simplify communications and make it more relevant to our customers’ needs. We are excited to launch a simple and useful service like Reply-All in partnership with a global technology leader like SMS Gupshup,” said Rina Azcuna-Siongco, head of value-added services at Globe Telecom.

Beerud Sheth, CEO of SMS GupShup, is optimistic that the SMS Reply-All Chat service will gain a strong following in the Philippine market, with the Philippines widely described as the “texting capital of the world.”

In fact, a recent study by UK-based Portio Research showed that each Filipino mobile phone user sends as many as 788 text messages per month, or over 40 percent more than their counterparts in the United States.

“SMS Reply-All is the next big innovation in mobile messaging since person-to-person (P2P) SMS, making social communications via SMS quick and easy,” Sheth said. “We’re excited to launch this service in partnership with a market leader like Globe Telecom that is quick to bring newer and more innovative services to their subscribers.”

How it works

• SMS Reply-All is simple and easy to use, similar to the CC and reply-all features on e-mail.

• Any Globe subscriber can start a conversation by sending the following message to 2993: “CHAT 917xxxxxxx 905xxxxxxx 926xxxxxxx” (where 917xxxxxxx etc. are the numbers of friends).

• The system will create a group and prompt the group creator to send the first message, which goes to all participants in the group. Participants can simply reply to the message - which will also be sent to all participants in the group.

• The group can have at most 10 participants, including the initiator. A message sent to the group will cost the sender P0.75 per recipient, and P1 for other keywords or commands. Globe plans to launch soon various daily and monthly UNLI plans as well.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Samsung unveils iPad competitor Galaxy

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled a new tablet PC named Galaxy Tab as the latest device meant to rival Apple Inc.'s popular iPad.

The device offers users "a new galaxy of possibilities" with features such as mobile video conferencing and a video chat function, Samsung Europe telecom executive Thomas Richter said at Berlin's IFA consumer electronics fair.

The thin tablet device weighs 13.4 ounces (380 grams) and has a 7-inch (18-centimeter) touch screen, making it about three times that of an Apple iPhone, but roughly a third smaller than an iPad.

Richter said it comes with Google Inc.'s Android 2.2 operating system, which can run HTML5 and Adobe's Flash Player — unlike the iPad.

The Galaxy will allow users to browse the web and check e-mail just as on a regular PC, Richter said.

"The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been designed to enable consumers to maximize their online experience wherever that may be," the head of Samsung's mobile communications business, J.K. Shin, said.

The price of the device will depend on telecommunications operators through which it will be available starting next month in Europe and later in fall in the U.S. and Asia, Samsung said.

The device supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G cell phone networks, making it a combination of smart phone and laptop. It "turns out to be a perfect speakerphone on the desk, or a mobile phone on the move via Bluetooth headset," Samsung said.

The tablet PC also comes with two cameras, one 3-megabyte digital camera with a flash on the back of the device, and a second camera on the front for video conferences — a feature the iPad lacks, but other competitors such as Dell's Streak tablet PC also offers.

The company said that the device's battery would support more than eight hours of continuous multimedia usage, or seven hours of video play.

The tablet also comes with Swype, a third-party application already found on Samsung's Galaxy 5 series phone and available for some other Android-based handsets, which allows users to type on virtual keyboards by simply swiping fingers around from one letter to the next, lifting only between words.

The application then uses an algorithm to determine the word that is intended, which the company says allows for typing speeds of more than 40 words per minute.

Commercial success of the device will be crucial for the world's largest maker of computer memory chips, flat screen TVs and liquid crystal displays.

Samsung's quarterly profit surged by 83 percent to a record high of 4.28 trillion South Korean won ($3.6 billion) in the second quarter ended June 30, but the company warned that intensifying competition in areas like mobile phones could dent earnings in coming quarters.

Samsung is currently the world's second largest cell phone manufacturer after Nokia.
users to type on virtual keyboards by simply swiping fingers around from one letter to the next, lifting only between words.

The application then uses an algorithm to determine the word that is intended, which the company says allows for typing speeds of more than 40 words per minute.

Commercial success of the device will be crucial for the world's largest maker of computer memory chips, flat screen TVs and liquid crystal displays.

Samsung's quarterly profit surged by 83 percent to a record high of 4.28 trillion South Korean won ($3.6 billion) in the second quarter ended June 30, but the company warned that intensifying competition in areas like mobile phones could dent earnings in coming quarters.

Samsung is currently the world's second largest cell phone manufacturer after Nokia.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TM AstigCombo ? Unlimited Text and 100 Minutes Call

To register ASTIGCOMBO Access No. is 8888

Rate P20.00


1. Subscriber may register anytime of the day.

2. Once successfully registered, subscriber may enjoy 24 hours of unlimited text and 100 minutes call to TM and Globe subscribers

3. No need to dial a prefix to call

4. No maintaining balance required to use the service.

5. Calls and text to other networks will be charged regular rates.

6. Promo is valid for 24 hours only.

7. This promo cannot co-exist with the following promos:

· Voice: TM TodoTawag Magdamag, TM Astigtawag, UnliCombo and AllNet Combo

· SMS: SuliTxT5, AstigTxt10, AstigTxtAll, and Text Others

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hacked gov?t websites restored

The website of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), the official information arm of the government is now restored after hacker “7z1” took it down yesterday.

Access to the site run by the Presidential Communications Operations Office was temporarily interrupted Sunday afternoon by an error message that showed ‘HACKED by 7z1’ and an image of the Chinese flag.

Bulacan’s provincial government website was also hacked by “”CopyRight 华夏小A & ~ 2010″. Unscrupulous pages that contained messages related to the Manila hostage-taking were inserted to the site

The hacker, who claimed to be from China, demanded a ‘sincere’ apology from the Philippine government and ‘reasonable’ compensation for the victims of last Monday’s hostage taking drama that killed eight nationals from Hong Kong.

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma ordered government agencies to further safeguard the security of all official websites. “We are alerting all government agencies to review and improve security of their Web sites in view of the hacking of the Philippine Information Agency Web site,” he said in a statement.

However, he said that the Presidential website – president. and the official government website – ‘remain secure.’

Coloma said the government is adopting best practices to lessen the vulnerability of official websites to hacking and other cybercrimes.

Students get connected at school via Smart Tag

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications Inc. has launched a reloadable wireless broadband Internet access card called Smart Tag that connects users’ laptops or any WiFi-enabled gadgets to the Internet.

Launched in select schools around Metro Manila, Smart Tag gives users high-speed Internet access for P15 per 30 minutes—much cheaper than the P100 per hour offers of other WiFi providers, Smart said in a statement.

Users also have the option to register for a five-day, unlimited WiFi access for only P150.

Smart Tag is available in over 700 hotspots nationwide, including popular coffee shops and fast food establishments such as Starbucks, Jollibee and Chowking.

Chay Cruel, Smart senior manager for Smart Bro Prepaid, said another advantage of Smart Tag is that it is reloadable, and top ups may be purchased from any Smart Load retailer nationwide. Smart Tag uses the network of Smart’s subsidiary, Smart Broadband Inc.

“Unlike other WiFi access cards, the Smart Tag load is valid for one year. Our subscribers don’t have to worry about expiring load,” Cruel said.

To date, over 11,000 students and staff of Smart Tag pilot schools have been given free pre-loaded Smart Tag cards worth P150, which they may consume for five days, 24/7.

Pilot schools include Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), Technological University of the Philippines (TUP), Arellano University (AU), Angeles University Foundation (AUF), Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) and National College of Science and Technology (NCST).

“In Ateneo, the campus is too big for all of us to share the wireless broadband connection the school provides. We would rather go outside the campus to do research and study,” said Rina Go, a BS Health Sciences graduating student and president of Ateneo Resident Student Association.

“Smart Tag affords us the mobility and flexibility of being able to multi-task,” Go said.

Julius Sareno, IT director of TUP Manila, said the product serves students well since it encourages students to stay within the campus when going online instead of going to the mall.

“Smart Tag is much cheaper. With our student budget, we have to make sure we get value for our money,” said AU nursing student Alyssa Lagrosa.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 gadgets that could've helped the PNP SWAT during the Manila bus hostage

The country is still in shock over what happened on the night of August 23, 2010. The whole nation is humbled, nay, humiliated because of the hostage drama. The least we could do is to apologize to Hong Kong and to the entire world for our police force's shortcomings.

Seeing as how the Aquino administration is open to criticism and suggestions, we took it upon ourselves to look for gadgets that could help the PNP SWAT team, as well as other law-enforcement groups, to prevent a repeat of the tragedy. And since we're talking about a government with nearly depleted funds (thanks a lot, PGMA), we thought it wise to include the unofficial SRPs. They may be expensive, but it's a fair price to pay for saving lives and reputations.

1 of 10 Gas masks
Gas masks (US$190/each, about P9,500). One of the first things everyone noticed was that none of the police officers were wearing masks. A big no-no especially when you're entering a confined space filled with tear gas.

2 of 10 Flash/Flashbang grenades
Flash/flashbang grenades (US$68/pc, about P3,400). Pricey for something that's good for one-time use. If you have a team that could breach the hostage area in less than 5 seconds, however, all you need is one.

3 of 10 Frame charge
Frame charge (US$100/each about P5,000). Instead of fumbling about with a sledgehammer, a frame charge can disintegrate tempered/laminated glass in less than a second. The instantaneous mini-explosion will give the hostage-taker little or no time to react.

4 of 10Intimidating SWAT uniforms
Intimidating SWAT uniforms (US$34.95/set, about P1,750). Once you're able to enter the premises, you have to be able to strike fear into your opponent's mind (think Batman Begins). Regular PNP uniforms just aren't intimidating enough even with the bulletproof vest.

5 of 10 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
Thermal imaging infrared camera (US$5000/each, about P250,000). The PNP SWAT are no supermen, that much is clear. They can't see through walls or even curtains, so they're basically left guessing where they need to shoot. Had they arrived with this gadget in hand, they might have been able to snipe Mendoza, or at least disable him, without having to break into the bus.

6 of 10 A.R. Drone Quadricopter
A.R. Drone Quadricopter (US$500/each, about P25,000). Believe it or not, this is a toy, but its built-in camera and remote flying capabilities (via the iPhone or the iPad) could have given the police a better view of the situation.

7 of 10 Ladder / Platform
Ladder/platform (from P2,500/each). Tour buses are tall. Filipinos are short. Do the math.

8 of 10 M4 carbine rifles
M4 carbine rifles (US$1,270, about P63,500). M16s are designed for full-on military assault. It's great for when you are in wide open spaces, but when you're trying to enter a bus full of people, you'll need a shorter weapon. The M4 carbine rifle is roughly 5 inches shorter than an M16, thus making it easier to carry and more maneuverable.

9 of 10 Armored Personnel Carrer (APC)
Armored Personnel Carrer (APC) (US$3 million, about P150 million). The way the trigger-happy PNP SWAT acted that night, you'd think they have acute hoplophobia. If that's the case, then maybe they could have borrowed an APC from the military (or an armored car from a nearby bank) just to get close to the action. It's a little more hands-off, yes, but it's better than tucking your balls behind your legs on live TV.

10 of 10 High-powered lamps
High-powered lamps (US$496/set, about P24,800). Visibility was poor that night, and nobody, not even the media's cameras, can see inside the bus. Was it so hard to position lamps from behind the bus? Heck, there was a construction area near the Quirino Grandstand. Couldn't the police have borrowed sun lamps?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smart Buddy Prepaid Micro-SIM for Php40

Aside from the micro-SIM only postpaid Plan 999 for Smart Bro, I also got access to a prepaid micro-SIM card for Smart Buddy.

I am told just today that these micro-SIM cards are now being distributed to select Smart dealers nationwide and should be available to the public by September or as early as next week.

The Smart Buddy micro-SIM will retail for Php40 in stores. It will work with the iPad WiFi+3G and any other mobile handset that requires a micro-SIM, including an open-line iPhone 4 (the SIM pack puts a disclaimer that the “Apple iPhone 4G is not available from Smart Communications Inc.”).

For details on availability and additional information on the prepaid micro-SIM, you can ask @smartcares on Twitter.

Super All Txt 20 and SuperUnli Txt 20

First is the Super All Txt 20, the all-day offer that allows your P20 to text up to 200 messages to all networks. The second one is the SuperUnli Txt 20, another all-day offer that gives your P20 unlimited texting to all Globe and TM subscribers plus 20 more text messages to other networks.

To register for Super All Txt 20, send ATXT20 to 8888. To register for SuperUnli Txt 20, send UTXT20 to 8888. Promo is valid to all Globe Prepaid and Tattoo users starting August 31, 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chikka begins free smartphone-to-PC

Chikka Philippines Inc., a mobile messaging provider starts its new service that allows smartphone users to directly send messages to personal computers (PC) and other mobile phone users for free.

The new Chikka services initially allows iPhone and Blackberry users to send unlimited IM messages to all telecom network subscribers for free, but replying to the messages will cost P2.50 during peak hours and P1 per text during off-peak hours. It is available beginning today August 25, 2010.

In a recent interview, Dennis Mendiola, Chikka founder, said that with the launch of Chikka’s new service, he expects the mobile instant messaging traffic to increase by 30 percent in the next six months.

Aside from Philippines, the Smart Communication Inc. subsidiary, plans to introduce the new service in the US, Japan and in selected countries in Europe, to give affordable telecom services to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

"We have a great potential to dramatically tap this market," Mendiola said.

With the new service, it will be cheaper for OFWs with smartphones to reply to their families’ messages.

Chikka has 5.5 million monthly users, of which 20 to 23 percent are from the OFW market. "In 2010 there were over 16 million visits to the Chikka site from 215 countries during a one-month period, even though there are a lot of technological advancement in the communications industry, Chikka still remains to be the preferred communications toll for Global Pinoy," he said.

Chikka only earns from these services once someone replies to the messages sent by the smartphone users, whether it is from Smart, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular. Chikka gets 30 to 40 percent from the interconnection charges.

Late last year, Smart acquired the 100 percent stake of Chikka Asia Inc., now known as Chikka Phils. Inc.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smart *767 SOS Lends Php4 Emergency Load

Smart SOS allows you to have a 4-peso emergency load when you run out of one.

All you need to do is dial *767 (SOS) on your Smart phone and you get 3 free SMS and 1-peso call load for a total of Php4 credit.

This amount will be deducted by Smart on your next auto-load. This will come very useful when you don’t have any load and you don’t have any means to top up your account.

It’s a bit of risky move for Smart especially for people who often switch prepaid SIM cards (those who use the free load of a new SIM and just throw it away afterwards) but I don’t think it’s such a huge risk from the end of the telco compared to the value-added service it offers. This is just a promo though and will last until November 16.

Facebook adds location-sharing feature

Facebook on Wednesday threw the switch on a new feature that lets US members of the social networking service share their whereabouts with friends while on the move.

Facebook Places marks the firm's hotly anticipated first step into "location-based" services that have been catching on with people who own smartphones equipped with satellite position tracking capabilities.

"Starting today, you can immediately tell people about that favorite spot with Facebook Places," said Places product manager Michael Eyal Sharon.

"You can share where you are and the friends you're with in real time from your mobile device."

Facebook members can "check-in" at restaurants, bars, or other social venues and let their friends at the social network instantly know where they are and with whom.

A Places application for iPhone handsets was released, and social network members with smartphones with Web browser software that supports geo-location and HTML5 could use Places at the mobile website

"If you are not in the US you can still see if friends are using it here but you will not be able to check-in," Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said at a festive Places launch event at the firm's headquarters in Northern California.

Facebook said it plans to eventually extend the feature to all smartphones and to the social networks more than 500 million members worldwide.

As if anticipating backlash that seems to come with each change at Facebook, executives and engineers there stressed that privacy was being respected and that users control how location information is shared.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chikka Text Messenger is still alive; new version coming on August 25

And you thought that our beloved Chikka has faded into oblivion, eh? Well, think again. The PC-to-mobile phone text-messaging platform is alive and kicking, and is even coming out with a new, cheaper version.

The Chikka Text Messenger Version 5, which can be used with Google Talk and is compatible with operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac, is the latest incarnation of the decade-old IM service (yep, Chikka is 10 years old!). It retains the same features that made it a hit during the texting revolution. You know, 10 years ago when the Philippines' Internet penetration was a mere 2% and many simply relied on their mobile phones?

But this time around, Chikka is offering a new payment scheme: an off-peak pricing system where replies to Chikka messages will cost only P1. Definitely good news for those working abroad. Also, several "Unli" packages will be offered by Globe, Sun, and Smart.

Expect iOS 4, Symbian, Android, and BlackBerry Chikka apps as well.

Yes, with the focus on social networking and the rise of other PC-to-handset SMS services, Chikka did start to linger in the background. Founder Dennis Mendiola, though, still believes that Chikka is still relevant, saying that more and more are using the Web as a means for communication, which is what Chikka is all about in the first place. So the new version now aims to put Chikka back on the map and in the hearts of today's online population, especially our OFWs. It will be available for download starting August 25. Welcome back, Chikka!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Smart All Text Combo Plus

With Smart AllTXT Combo Plus, you can call, text, send MMS and get in touch with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Friendster -- all on a budget!

There are 2 packages with 3 social network variants each to choose from.

The first one is Smart AllTXT Combo Plus 25, which gives you 110 texts or MMS, 5-minutes worth of calls and 40 posts to 1 social networking site -- all valid for one day only. There are 3 sites to choose from, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster. Again, you may only choose one.

The second one if Smart AllTXT Combo Plus 50, which gives you 220 texts or MMS, 10-minutes worth of calls and 80 posts to 1 social networking site -- all valid for one day only. Again, there are 3 sites to choose from, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster. You may only choose one.

How to subscribe to Smart AllTXT Combo Plus Promo?

There are 2 steps in availing of an All Txt Combo Plus package (Registration procedure courtesy of Smart Communications):

1. Register online at (Visit this Smart Buddy official website for more information on this promo. Don't forget to read full terms and conditons and FAQ's via the same link.)

Click on the All Txt Combo Plus Banner Ad. You will be redirected to the All Txt Combo Plus registration website.

Select which social network you wish to register to – Facebook, Twitter or Friendster.

Enter your Smart Buddy mobile number.

A verification code shall be sent to your mobile number which shall then be entered online.
Upon successful verification, you will be asked to log in to your Facebook, Twitter or Friendster account using your existing username and password.

Upon successful login, you may now customize your All Txt Combo Package:

a.) Select 10 friends to follow.

b.) Customize your texts and define how many etxts shall be assigned for posting to your Social Network and how many texts shall be allocated for sms updates from your Social Network.

c.) The default settings for texts is 10 posts to your SN (Social Network) and 30 updates from your SN for All Txt Combo Plus P25 and 20 posts to your SN and 60 updates from your SN for All Txt Combo Plus P50. Customized texts will take effect once you avail of a new All Txt Combo Plus package. If you have already availed of an All Txt Combo Plus package, the customized settings will take effect on your next purchase.

d.) You’re done, now get an All Txt Combo Plus Package!

Online registration is one time only. You don’t have to re-register if you avail of a new All Txt Combo Plus package. However, if you wish to avail of all three packages (All Txt Combo Plus Facebook, Twitter and Friendster), you need to register to each SN online at

2. Avail of an All Txt Combo Plus package via Eload. (AllTXT Combo Eload will be ready by August 12, 2010).

After registering your Social Networking account and mobile number at, you may now avail of an All Txt Combo Plus Package of your choice via registration or Eload.

To avail via Eload:

All Txt Combo Plus Facebook 25

1 day


100 Smart SMS/ MMS + 10 all-network SMS + 5-mins Smart calls + 40 e-txts

FB25 to 2526


All Txt Combo Plus Friendster 25

FR25 to 2526


All Txt Combo Plus Twitter 25

TW25 to 2526


All Txt Combo Plus Facebook 50

2 days


200 on-net SMS/ MMS + 20 off-net SMS + 10-mins on-net calls + 80 e-txts

FB50 to 2526


All Txt Combo Plus Friendster 50

FR50 to 2526


All Txt Combo Plus Twitter 50

TW50 to 2526


To avail via Eload: Go to your nearest Smartload retailer and ask for the All Txt Combo Plus package of your choice.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Globe WiMax 4G goes Prepaid

So it’s bound to happen — Globe Telecom’s 4G/WiMax Service is now offered in prepaid plans. Just buy the WiMax modem and load it up to get unlimited internet all day.

The WiMax modem starts at Php2,990 (one-time) and all-day unlimited internet costs Php60. Speed is up to 512Kbps.

Reloading is done via Autoload Max, Share-A-Load, GCash, prepaid cards and even through bank ATM or credit cards.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Better e-Commerce in the Philippines with Shopinas

We attended the soft-launch of this new online storefront service of Air21 called Shopinas a couple of days ago. Based on their presentation, I think it’s going to be the beginning of the proper way to shop or sell merchandise online here in the Philippines.

Shopinas is a site where you can set up your own storefront to sell your items. How is it different from other sites with similar service? It’s a total end-to-end solution that will benefit both shoppers and buyers. From setting up your store, to payment processing up to delivery of the package backed by one of the country’s trusted courier service, Air 21.

With Shopinas, buyers and sellers will be more at ease and comfortable when doing business online because of the following:

Approved merchants in Shopinas will have the Sure Seal Trustmark. Sure Seal is the first Business Verification Service for online business here in our country. They’re like the local counterpart of Verisign or Thawte, letting buyers know that they won’t be scammed.
Payment Systems

Stores in Shopinas will inherit the numerous ways buyers can pay for the merchandise. You can pay through Air21 and Mail & More’s e-wallet, the iBayad. There’s also the traditional method via Visa and Mastercard or Paypal. Soon, they will also incorporate GCash, Smart Money or ATM payments.

Payment per transactions is held by Shopinas until buyers are satisfied with their order. They have three days to settle any dispute regarding the transaction until the money is released to the seller.
Backend Hosting

Sign up with Shopinas and see how easy it is to set up and customize your storefront. You can even use your own domain name while being hosted in Shopinas. Or you can just mimic the look of your site then link your Shopinas site from your own website.

Delivery won’t also be a problem thanks to Air21. You will receive a startup kit when you set up your store to take care of packaging. Package your items and arrange a pick-up and delivery from Air21 for each transaction. Air21′s tracking system will be used so buyers can check the status of their package.

Shopinas is owned by Lina’s Group of Companies’ Air21. Merchants won’t have to deal with technical issues while enjoying a complete e-commerce site. And buyers won’t have to worry about scammers and fraudsters.

The site is still new but they are aggressively adding new features and ironing out existing ones. Better sign up and start early so you can get your store name and get established at Shopinas. The first 100 merchants to sign up will enjoy free premium account for 6 months.

Land registration goes high-tech

Ready to fork out your life’s savings for a property to call your own and later bequeath to your children?

You need to verify if the real estate you’re buying actually exists, and the Land Registration Authority (LRA) will help you with that—electronically.

The LRA has made a bold move to comply with the E-Commerce Law and to turn its century-old manual registration into a technology-driven system through the so-called Land Titling Computerization Project.

Computerization uses physical references such as municipal maps, cadastral maps, and others in combination with satellite imaging to show the placement of new and existing registered lots in relation to each other.

The software employed uses the lot dimensions and border landmarks stated in the title.

LRA deputy administrator Ofelia E. Abueg-Sta. Maria told the Inquirer that the electronic plotting is not only an added service to owners of newly titled land. It also helps in verifying the validity land titles, which takes up about 40 percent of the agency’s daily activity.

“There are times when the land plotted is shown to take up the space of other existing land titles, or apparently takes up part of a road! These are warning signs to potential property buyers,” she said.

The computerization project is also seen to protect the original land titles from normal wear and tear, disasters such as fire and flooding and mismanagement.

Files are easily retrievable and are stored in electronic form in the LRA offices and in an “offshore site.”

The LRA’s services include original registration; subsequent registrations (registration of transfers, mortgages, etc.); divisions and consolidations of registered parcels; registration of condominiums; reconstitution of title (i.e., replacement of lost or destroyed titles); replacement of owner’s duplicate of title; and amendments of certificates.

To date, 81 registries of deeds of the LRA have been automated out of the target 168 by 2011.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Samsung introduces the Champ

Here’s another cheap, sub-Php5k phone to further convince you to switch to a touchscreen mobile phone experience. The Samsung Champ (GT-C3303K) is designed for mobile users who are ready to switch to touch technology without breaking the piggy bank.

Samsung Champ (GT-C3303K)

The Samsung Champ has a 2.4” full touch display on its compact body. Its main screen features an extended 3×3 widget menu format with options for clock, calendar, shortcuts, and my buddies. It comes with a built-in FM Radio and also makes a great MP3 player with its support for up to 8GB microSD. As for apps, you can download java applications straight from Samsung Apps.

With a stylish and ultra compact design, the Samsung Champ is a portable solution for users who will no longer need to sacrifice design for rich features. The device also has a curved form factor and comfortable grip and consumers can choose from a variety of colors: deep black, espresso brown, sweet pink or chic white.

Samsung Champ (C3303) Specs:

* Network: GSM, EDGE (850/900/1800/1900)
* Display: 2.4” 262K TFT LCD (240×320)
* Camera: 1.3 Megapixel
* Video: H.263+AMR, MPEG4 + AMR
* Audio: MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio
* Value-added Features: TouchWiz Lite, Embedded Stylus Pen, SNS Link, Image Editor, Fake Call, SOS Message
* Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, USB v2.0
* Memory: Internal memory: 25MB / External memory: MicroSD (up to 8GB)
* Size: 96.3 x 53.8 x 12.97mm, 80g
* Battery: 1000 mah, Talk time: up to 3 Hours, Standby time: up to 250 Hours
* Price: Php 4,980

DepEd mulls Wiki-style textbook review

The Department of Education (DepEd) is considering partially crowdsourcing the evaluation of public school textbooks by posting manuscripts of these online for public scrutiny.

"Ilalagay sa website ang manuscript, so that may transparency. Makikita na ng mga tao kung may mga mali-mali. At the same time, dapat sabay habang ineevaluate. So there is the public scrutiny at the same time may expert evaluation ng material," said Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Alberto Muyot at a press conference today in Pasig City. Muyot is one of four new undersecretaries that were appointed earlier this week by new education secretary Bro. Armin Luistro.

(We're planning to post the manuscripts online, for transparency's sake. That way, people can help us spot errors. This will be done along with an official evaluation. So there is public scrutiny and expert evaluation of the material.)

Criticism over errors

The DepEd has been criticized numerous times over the years for publishing textbooks allegedly riddled with errors. DepEd textbooks currently undergo yearly evaluation by a team of master teachers, subject area experts, content experts, and language experts from both within DepEd and top academic institutions. Books are evaluated not only for errors, but also for how well their cover learning competencies, grammar, and their use of language and visuals.

Piracy concerns

However, some publishers are concerned that posting textbook transcripts online may make their copyrighted materials vulnerable to piracy.

"Baka i-download na lang 'yan o kopyahin. Pinagiisipan namin kung paano namin magagawa na maraming makakakita, and yet, ang concern naman ng copyright owner ay matugunan," explained Soccoro Pilor, Executive Director of the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat, which is in-charge of the textbook evaluation process.

(Some people may just download or copy the textbooks. We are trying to decide how we can make the manuscripts available to many, while also addressing the concerns of the copyright owners)

Planning, mechanics underway

The DepEd has yet to finalize the mechanics of their plan, which they intend to execute this year. The first batch of textbooks that will undergo this process will include Filipino textbook for grades 1 to 6 and science textbooks for grades 3 to 6. These textbooks will reach public school classrooms by school year 2011 to 2012.

Crowdsourcing —the act of outsourcing tasks to large groups of people through an open call_ has become a popular way of managing information on the internet in recent years. One of the most well-known examples of its success is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia written entirely by volunteers using collaborative, web-based software.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Globe opens TelePresence to the Public

Last night, Globe Telecom demonstrated their brand-new TelePresence Room which they will officially launch to the public this Friday.

The technology has been around for around 4 or 5 years now and several big companies have been using them (Cisco, PLDT, P&G) already but it’s only now that the TelePresence technology will be available to the public (all the rest are using it for private/internal use).

TelePresence allows for virtual conference among a number of people located in various parts of the world via high definition audio and video, making the environment as realistic as possible. The video above was shot during the session.

Notice that the position, size, aspect ratio of the people in the video are as close to the real thing making them appear as if they’re also in the same room. Even the direction of the voice of the speaker is relative to the position of the display screen where they are projected.

Each hi-def display requires at least 5Mbps to be able to carry that 1080p video so this set-up must need at least 15Mbps. There’s also a 32-inch monitor at the bottom of the middle display to show a Powerpoint presentation or anything coming from one of the conference participant’s laptop. Globe spent around $500,000 for this room alone and is looking to set up another one in Cebu soon.

The service will be available to the public starting this Friday (after the official launch) and is targeted to large companies that need a TelePresence facility (in lieu of traveling for business meetings). It does not come cheap too — the facility can be booked anytime and is open 24/7 at $500 per hour.

Get Php 1000 off on your Nokia C3 when you buy it on July 31st

Nokia C3 is already very affordable at only Php 7,295. But Nokia Philippines has just decided to give true fans a treat by slashing a full thousand bucks off the price of units that will be bought on July 31, 2010 -- bringing the price down to just Php 6,295!

Let's hear it from Nokia Philippines:

One time, big time for the Nokia C3

On July 31, 2010 get PhP 1,000 off for every purchase of a Nokia C3 mobile
phone! Get email, chat, Facebook and Twitter in style for as low as PhP

Built for the social networking butterfly in mind, the Nokia C3 offers instant
access to favorite sites straight from the homescreen, allowing people
to easily chat, tweet, follow, unfollow, view entries, post photos, like
statuses, comment on videos, and update their profile’s status. Writing
messages is quick thanks to its full QWERTY keyboard. Plus, email and chat
accounts can be set up straight from the device, without the need for a PC.
With its 2 megapixel camera, the Nokia C3 is awesome for taking pictures
and videos which can be instantly shared online, straight from the device, via
GPRS or Wi-Fi. You can also store up to 8GB of pictures, music and videos
by upgrading to an optional memory card.

The Nokia C3 comes in 3 cool colors -- hot pink, slate grey, and golden
white and will be available at all Nokia Stores and authorized Nokia Solution
Partners nationwide.

Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.

Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.
Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smart offers free mobile surfing every Friday

If you are a SMART subscriber, you get to surf for FREE using your mobile phone every Friday starting this July 30, 12 AM. Yep, free 3G surfing and if your phone can tether to your laptop for internet sharing, good for you. This will only be available to postpaid and prepaid subscribers. Smart BRO is not included in this promo.SMART T.G.I.FreedayHere’s the FAQ from their Facebook page:

Q: WHAT IS T.G.I.Freeday?

A: Its Smart’s one-day offer for all subscribers to enjoy using mobile internet services for FREE. That means there are no charges to visit all internet sites using your mobile phone.

Q: When is T.G.I.Freeday available?

A: T.G.I.Freeday will start from 12:00 am of July 30, until 11:59pm of the same day. If you start browsing at 10pm, you only have 11:59 pm to enjoy free mobile internet.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: No registration needed. Just open your web browser, your Uzzap or GoMail application and go!

Q: Is there a special keyword or URL to visit?

A: No need to key in a keyword or a URL to use mobile internet. For as long as you have a data capable handset, you can do mobile surfing all your want. To get more information, text FREEDAY and send to 211.

Q: I don’t know how to use mobile internet. What’s the first thing I do?

A: You need to configure your 3G settings. Text SET send to 211 to get your 3G configuration for FREE. Save the configuration and then launch your mobile web browser to start browsing. As simple as that.

Q: Can I use 2G to browse the internet?

A: Yes you can. But for a faster and better experience, it is suggested that you take advantage of Smart’s nation widest coverage by using Smart’s superior 3G, HSPA, HSDPA network.

Q: I want to avail of a daily surfing package on Friday. Will this be allowed?

A: No. You will receive an SMS notification that today is a free day and that you will be able to use the service you wish to avail unlimited for the entire day.

Q: Will I be allowed to avail weekly and monthly package of the data services that I register to?

A: Subscribers can still avail of weekly and monthly packages every Friday but they will be reminded of T.G.I.Freeday Promo and they have to confirm their purchase before transaction is completed.

Q: I have a weekly/ monthly package. Will I be given additional 1 day extension as a result of T.G.I.Freeday?

A: Subscribers with current weekly and monthly packages that traverse on a Friday will not be given extra one day as a result of the free day Friday. The existing validity of their availed package will be retained.

Q: Is there a limit as to the number of services that I can avail for free?

A: For as long as subscribers have a data capable handset, there is no limit as to how many services subscribers can avail of for free.

Q: Is there a minimum maintaining balance?

A: Prepaid subscribers should have minimum balance of P1 to avail of the free services

Q: What if I browse after 11:59pm of Friday?

A: Should subscriber continue to browse even after 11:59pm, default charging P10/30 will commence and transactional fees for chat services will apply.

Q: What are the sites that I can access?

A: You can access all the sites that you want. All the Web Unli Sites offered currently at P20 per day by Smart will be FREE on TGIFreeday!

Aren’t you glad you’re on Smart? Now, I just hope that Smart’s network can sustain the volume of users who will be availing of this free service.

Now, is this the Big and Free and 18 and up promo from Smart?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


What is TST?
Ang TST o Tutok Sabay Text ay ang pinakamalaking text promo mula sa SMART at TV5 kung saan pwedeng manalo ng load and cash daily o up to 5 million weekly.
How can I join Tutok Sabay Text?
Tumutok lang sa TV5 at sumagot ng trivia questions sa mga participating programs gamit ang inyong TST Points (for prepaid subscribers, P0.50/txt for postpaid subscribers). Every text answer will earn you one raffle entry for a chance to win P100 load o P10,000 daily or up to P5 Million weekly.
Sino ang pwedeng sumali sa Tutok Sabay Text?
Pwedeng sumali ang lahat ng SMART Subscribers sa TST - SMART Buddy, Talk 'N Text at SMART Postpaid Brands
Ano ang ipapamigay sa Tutok Sabay Text?
Mayroong 100 winners of P100 load and 10 winners of P10,000 daily at 1 lucky winner of up to P5 million weekly
Kailan ang start ng Tutok Sabay Text promo?
Pwede ng sumali by August 1, 2010
Ano ang mga kailangan tutukan na programa sa TV5?
Siguraduhing tumutok sa mga programang ito at sumagot ng mga trivia questions flashed on screen:
- Face to Face: Mondays to Fridays (11:00AM - 11:45AM)
- Paparazzi: Sundays (2:30PM - 4:00PM)
- Talentadong Pinoy: Saturday and Sunday (7:30PM - 8:30PM)
- Primetime Shows: Daily (7:30PM - 10:30PM)
Para makuha ang schedules sa inyong cellphone, text TST SCHEDULES to 8850
How will I answer trivia questions on TV5?
To answer, text TST(space)(space) to 8850 (Ex: F2F A)
Paano ko malalaman ang mga TV5 program codes?
Siguraduhing abangan ang mga trivia questions for each show at dito ipapakita ang instructions para makasagot ng mga tanong. Sa bawat sagot, ang charge ay 1 TST point / txt
Paano ko malalaman kung nanalo ako sa Tutok Sabay Tex?
For daily winners, iaannounce ang winners the next day sa mga TV5 programs. For the weekly winner, matatawagan sya live sa PO5 to join the Tutok Sabay Text jackpot round for a chance to win up to P5 Millio
Paano manalo ng P5 Million?
Every week, mabibigyan ng chance ang isang lucky winner to raise his cash prize from P100,000 to P5 Million. Tumutok sa PO5 sa August 1 for more details
Ano ang TST Points?
Ang TST points ay gagamitin para makasali sa TST, Siguraduhing mag load lang ng magload para makaipon ng mas maraming TST points para makasali and get more chances to win up to P5 million weekly! (for prepaid subscribers)
Saan ko magagamit ang TST points?
Ang TST points ay gagamitin para makasagot ng trivia questions na ipapakita sa TV5, ang bawat sagot ay katumbas ng isang TST point (1 TST pt/txt)
How do I earn TST Points?
To earn TST points, magload lang ng SMART Buddy o Talk 'N Text load sa SMART Loading Stations. Sa bawat P2 na load mo, may free 1 TST point ka na. (Ex: All Text 20 = 10 TST points). For SMART Buddy and Talk 'N Text call and text cards, makakakuha ka ng 50 FREE TST Points sa bawat load mo.
Ano ang kailangang i-load para makakuha ng TST points?
Magload lang ng SMART Buddy o Talk 'N Text load sa SMART Loading stations para makakuha ng FREE TST points. For SMART Buddy and Talk 'N Text call and text cards, makakakuha ka ng 50 FREE TST Points sa bawat load mo (for all load values). (Ang mga load na via text registration ay hindi makakakuha ng TST points)
Kailan ko makukuha ang TST points ko?
Ang TST points ay macre-credit ng 8am the day after mag-load. (Ex: Nagload ka ng 10AM today, makukuha ang TST points ng 8AM tomorrow). For call and text cards, macre-credit ang TST points after 48 hours.
May bayad ba ang TST points?
Libre ang TST points, sa bawat P2 na load mo, may 1 FREE TST point ka na! (Ex: All Text 20 = 10 TST Points)
How do I check my TST points?
Para macheck kung ilan na ang naipon na TST points, Text TST ON to 8850 para makakuha ng points update 3x a week for FREE or text TST POINTS to 8850.
Will my TST points expire?
Mageexpire ang TST points at the end of the promo period.
Paano kung naubusan ako ng TST points?
Kung maubusan ng TST points, ang fee ay P1/text (for SMART Buddy / Talk 'N Text). Kaya siguraduhing mag load lang ng magload para makaipon ng mas maraming libreng TST points para makasali sa TST.
Will postpaid numbers get TST points?
Hindi makakatanggap ng TST points ang SMART postpaid subscribers pero pwedeng-pwedeng sumali ang SMART postpaid subscribers sa TST.
Paano makakasali ang SMART postpaid subscribers sa TST kung walang TST points?
Makakasali pa rin ang mga SMART postpaid numbers sa TST kahit walang TST points, P0.50/text lang para makasali!
Paano ako makakakuha ng regular updates tungkol sa Tutok Sabay Text?
To get regular updates 3x a week for FREE, magtext lang ng TST ON to 8850 or visit /
May charge ba ang TST ON to 8850 at ibang keywords?
Ang TST ON updates ay free of charge. Para sa ibang keywords ang charge ay 1 TST point/txt . (Para sa postpaid subscribers ang charge ay P0.50/txt)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Globe MyFi Router FAQ

This just in! We just heard about this yesterday that Globe is going to offer portable WiFi router. Today, we have now the Frequently Asked Questions regarding it, including new broadband postpaid plans. And yes, it is called Globe MyFi.

1. What are the new Tattoo Postpaid plans? Globe has made your life simpler by providing you with just 2 choices for your postpaid plans: Globe Tattoo Postpaid Plan 499 ideal for light users and Plan P999 for heavy users – both at 3mbps speed!
POSTPAID Tattoo Broadband
User Type Light Users Heavy Users
Affordability 499 999
Speed 3mbps
Access Limit 50 hours succeeding Unlimited
Calls Mobile rates N/A
Coverage Nationwide
Innovation MyFi (+P250/mo)

Note: Plan P999, due to its unlimited internet access provision at a very affordable rate, doesn’t offer any calling feature.

2. Are the old Tattoo Postpaid plans still available? No. The new plans are far more affordable and superior than the current ones.

3. What will happen to current subscribers of old Globe Tattoo broadband postpaid plans? Existing subscribers who are out of their lock-up period may transfer to the new plans should they wish to by proceeding to any Globe Store to request for a change in their subscription. Only subscribers out of their lock-up period may do this.

4. Why should I get a postpaid broadband plan from Globe Tattoo? Globe offers the most affordable broadband plan available nationwide at only P499 and at the same time it also is the only brand with up to 3mbps speed across all postpaid plans, even on unlimited.

5. How do I subscribe to a Globe Tattoo Postpaid plan? Just bring any 1) valid ID, 2) proof of billing address, and 3) proof of income OR 1 month advanced payment and proceed to any Globe Store to subscribe.

6. What is the MyFi Device The Globe Tattoo Broadband MyFi Device is wireless WiFi router that enables you to share your internet access with other WiFi capable internet access devices simultaneously within a 10meter radius (coverage may decrease if there are obstructions such as walls). It’s an optional modem that you can subscribe to in lieu of the regular Globe Tattoo Postpaid stick for only an additional P250/ month for 24 months. After 24 months, you no longer have to pay the P250 and your bill will revert back to the regular plan rate.


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