Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Cheapest Call and Text Unlimited: The Sun Magic Zone

Sun Cellular seriously wants to take over Mindanao as they launched a Mindanao loving SIM card called the Sun Magic Zone Mindanao. Yes, it is the cheapest call and text unlimited because for as low as 10 pesos, users could enjoy unlimited call and text unlimited to Sun Cellular subscribers. The SIM is currently being sold for PhP20 pesos with 2 days unlimited call and text so it’s as good as given.

Here are the price brackets:


10 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU10

15 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts+10 Text to other networks MCTU15

50 7 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU50

200 30 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU200

If you try to look at the price bracket, PhP200 for 30 days is dead cheap, no other promotion from both Smart and Globe Telecom can beat this down but there’s a catch, the SIM can only be use within the Mindanao area and won’t work outside the zone and with Unlimited offers used only for Sun Cellular subscribers within the area. Regular Sun loads can be used to call and text subscribers outside Mindanao both Sun Cellular and other Network users.

Tricky isn’t it, but more often than not, most of the people we interact often were within our reached, colleagues at work, friends, family members among other acquaintances so this is just as good as other offers. You must also bear with the limited coverage of the network and must have the power to convince peers to switch to Sun.

Anyways if this given drawbacks were okay to you, then this is a perfect offer to grab!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stay Connected and Online this Christmas with Sun?s P25 Call and Text Unlimited

Good news to all Sun subscribers! Sun P25 Superloaded Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) is now back and is made even cooler! Sold for the same price of just P25, Sun P25 Superloaded CTU now packs more punch, as it now contains free minutes of mobile internet fun!

Seen as a perfect means to stay in touch, especially this Christmas Season, the Sun P25 CTU Superloaded includes unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts packed with 10 texts to ALL networks. In addition to this, it now offers FREE 30 minutes of mobile internet, so you’ll surely be able to spread the Christmas spirit and show your love to everyone on your contact list – whether it be through a sweet text message, a fun call, or a thoughtful personal message using Facebook’s mobile site, Sun P25 Superloaded CTU will surely keep you in the loop 24/7! So why not say ‘hello’ to your brother in Davao to tell him about your Christmas plans? Or send a text message to all your friends to see who’s available for some Christmas shopping? Or better yet, send a message to all your Facebook contacts and invite them to your Christmas Bash? Staying connected under the Sun will never be this easy!

The Sun P25 Superloaded CTU can be availed by loading via Sun XpressLoad retailers, by purchasing Call Cards, or through Load Conversion. Simply text CTU 25 to 247 to convert your regular load and experience the fun!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AdMU Apple iCampus sells discounted iPads!

Looks like the Apple Store (iCampus) inside the Ateneo de Manila University has been selling the iPads at discounted prices. Yes, lower than the suggested retail prices with the 16GB entry-level iPad WiFi selling for only Php23,000.

MB292 iPad WiFi 16GB – Php23,000 (SRP: Php23,990)
MB293 iPad WiFi 32GB – Php27,500 (SRP: Php28,990)
MB293 iPad WiFi 32GB – Php32,000 (SRP: Php33,990)

MC349 iPad WiFi+3G 16GB – Php29,800 (SRP: Php30,990)
MC496 iPad WiFi+3G 32GB – Php33,800 (SRP: Php35,990)
MC497 iPad WiFi+3G 64GB – Php38,500 (SRP: Php40,990)

The Apple iCampus has been distributing flyers with the discounted prices. We’re not sure if the discounts are only offered to AdMU students and faculties. The discounts aren’t that big, slashing between Php990 to Php2,490 off of the suggested retail prices.

Apple’s local release of the iPad seemed a bit off considering everyone’s already expecting a second generation iPad2 is coming in a next few months.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Landline business saturation prods innovation

Amidst the saturation of landline services, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has transform its fixed line business through new offerings that bundle landline service with a touch-screen tablet and high speed myDSL under one package.

"We are reshaping the future of the landline and we are starting to bring it to the market now," said PLDT president and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno. "We are proud that the PLDT TelPad was conceptualized and developed here in the Philippines using world-class technology."

The PLDT TelPad unit includes a special handset that also serves as a charging dock for an application rich, 7-inch screen tablet computer. It is powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor that enables the device to deliver snappy performance. It runs on Android’s latest operating system version 2.2.

TelPad users can download a wide range of applications from the Android Market Google’s online store which offers over 125,000 applications like business apps, e-books and magazines and digital games, including hhe highly popular Angry Birds.

"We’ve packed the PLDT TelPad with features that will dramatically change how we use landlines," said PLDT senior vice president Eric R. Alberto, adding that the Philippine market, with its growing number of "netizens," is ready for an innovative service such as the PLDT Telpad.

The upgrade of the PLDT Domestic Fiber Optic recently with a total of 10,050 kilometers connecting 68 nodes and equipped with a total network bandwidth capacity of 1.56 terabytes will support the high bandwidth requirement of the PLDT TelPad, Alberto said.

"We have reinvented the landline to take on the emerging digital lifestyle and the growing consumer appetite for rich multi-media content", said Dan Ibarra, PLDT group head of Retail Business.

"The intuitive design allows subscribers to access information, entertainment and lifestyle apps easily with simple touch of the screen. Aside from Android based applications such as e-readers, news widgets and games, there are other apps being developed for a more enjoyable PLDT TelPad experience," Ibarra added.

Subscribers who enjoy a multi-media lifestyle can also take advantage of the TelPad’s built-in HDMI port which can be plugged into any flat screen TV, allowing subscribers to watch movies, play games and very soon, even sing along with the Videoke app on the TV’s larger screen.

The PLDT TelPad service starts at Plan 1849 with 1-megabit-per-second (Mbps) broadband connection and landline service. The PLDT TelPad unit comes bundled with the plan. Existing PLDT myDSL customers only need to add as low as P500/month to upgrade to the TelPad Plans.

The other PLDT TelPad plans are Plan 2099 at 1.5 Mbps (P2, 099 per month), Plan 3095 at 2.5 Maps, and Plan 4100 at 3.5 Mbps. All these are inclusive of the landline phone and myDSL broadband service.

The device has 2GB internal capacity that can be augmented by an SD card and USB slot for extended storage. The TelPad also carries a 2-megapixel front camera for still shots and videoconference calls.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

GLOBE Mobile Tweet

To start using Twitter Mobile, you must
first register by texting:

to 2363 for FREE.

Upon registration, you can now avail of
the following services:

Send a tweet by texting:
TWEET to 2363 (P1/txt)

Send up to 10 tweets everyday for half the price by texting:
ON TWEET to 2363 (P5/day)

Send one free tweet per day by texting:
TWEETF to 2363 (FREE)

Send a direct message by texting:
D to 2363 (P1/txt)

Get the last 150 tweets in your feed via MMS by texting:
FEED to 2363 (P2.50/MMS)

Subscribe to your DMs and Mentions by texting:
@ to 2363 (P1/txt)

Receive tweets from select users by texting:
FOLLOW to 2363 (P1/txt)

Unlimited tweets + 10 free DMs/mentions for
P20/day, text:

SkyCable to roll out first digital TV recorder service in PH

Two years after it first brought HD (high-definition) channels to local viewing, Lopez-owned SkyCable is attempting to break new grounds once again with the first PVR (personal video recorder) service in the country which it is scheduled to offer in the first quarter of 2011.

The PVR offering, which does not have an actual brand yet, works exactly like the TiVo service in the US in which a device records TV shows onto a hard drive in digital format. Unlike video and DVD recorders, there is no need for tapes or disks. PVRs also have the ability to pause live TV and replay scenes just watched while continuing to record.

Rodrigo Montinola, SkyCable VP for marketing, said during the press briefing last week in Quezon City that the PVR service would give subscribers the “power to choose not just what to watch but when to watch”.

“But given the difference in demographics, we’re not expecting it to be as big as in the US. The important thing is to get it out in the market and see the customer reaction,” said Montinola.

Subscribers who will avail of the service will be charged an added amount for the PVR box that will be installed in their homes. The company said it has ordered a minimal number of units for the launch of the service early next year.

SkyCable’s move comes after tech titan PLDT revved up its vaunted marketing machinery this year to promote its satellite-based digital TV service under the Cignal brand. In a press briefing in early October, Cignal president Ray Espinosa boldly predicted the end of cable-based TV service in the country.

But, Montinola refused to be drawn in a word war and simply said that cable TV service, now infused with HD programs, is still expanding in the country. “Our infrastructure is in cable TV and we continue to invest in cable TV,” the official said.

In fact, Montinola said SkyCable is expecting to double its subscription base, particularly in Metro Manila, this year. A major driver of this growth, he said, is the introduction of SkyCable Select, a service allows subscribers to pick and choose the channels, including HD, that they want to be added to their cable subscription.

In 2008, the cable firm pioneered the first HD TV broadcast in the country when it presented the Ryder Cup golf tournament in HD followed by the introduction of 24/7 HD channels by April 2009. In June of the same year, SkyCable scored another innovation when it presented the first locally produced HD program with the airing of live coverage of the UAAP and NCAA basketball games in HD.

Last July, SkyCable also offered the exclusive HD coverage of the 2010 World Cup matches in South Africa.

At present, SkyCable offers eight HD channels, namely: Discovery HD World, History HD, National Geographic Channel HD, HBO HD, NBA Premium HD, Star Movies HD, Fox Crime HD and ESPN HD.





To register, just send TALK15 to 6420.

*Registration is from 1am to 10am only.

To call, just dial *6420 + 11 digit SMART Buddy number. (Ex. *642009181234567)

*P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained.
Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.


Promo is open to SMART Buddy Subscribers only.
Subscriber must have the minimum balance of P15 to be able register to the promo.
Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network. Unlimited calls can be made from 1am to 11am only.
SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions and to calls made to other networks.


Up to 6 Smart/TNT Friends!

To register, send TALK20 to 6630.

To call, dial *6630 + 11-digit SMART/ TNT number

(ex. *663009181234567)


· Promo is open to all SMART Buddy subscribers.

· Subscriber should have the minimum airtime balance of P20 to register to the promo.

· Subscribers registered to the package can enjoy unlimited calls ONLY to the first 6 SMART/TNT numbers they call up.

· Upon successfully calling a SMART/ TNT number, subscriber will get a notification spiel informing him/ her that he/ she may enjoy unlimited calls to the dialed number.

· To check all 6 numbers with whom the subscriber can enjoy unlimited calls, he/ she should send MYGRP to 6630.

· Subscriber registered to SMARTALK 20 will be charged with the prevailing call rate for any call transaction made to other networks. Amount is deducted from the remaining balance.

· Subscriber registered to SMARTALK 20 will be charged with the prevailing text rate for any SMS transaction. Amount is deducted from the remaining balance.

· Concurrent registration to SMARTALK 20 and other unlimited call package is not allowed.

· The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DTI and NTC Accepts Complaints Online

Ostensibly to help wronged retail and service provider customers, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) have set up online complaint forms.

The Consumer Complaints System of the DTI lets users enter their name, contact information, and the name of the establishment or person they want to complain about. Users can also upload two files (at the very least a scan of their proof of purchase) to provide further details. Got a complaint regarding a company or store’s deceptive businesses practices?

It’s more or less the same thing with the NTC system, but there’s no need to upload documents scans. I find funny the double question marks funny though: “Have you tried to contact and resolve the issue with the company in question??” If you have a complaint against Smart, Globe, Sun, or any other company who provides you with communication services.

I personally don’t know how effective either site is, but for anyone who’s tried lodging a complaint online, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Globe Easy Access of VAS via USSD Menu

Starting Nov. 8, 2010, USSD VAS menu will be open to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM subscribers.


It’s a one stop shop to access a variety of infotainment and download services. No need to remember several keywords or access numbers. Just simply dial one number (*108#) to browse through a menu to avail of infotainment services and content downloads that you are looking for.


The menu is open to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM

Dialing the number and browsing
Subscriber can use ANY handset when calling *108# and accessing the menu.

For prepaid subscribers, they can still access the menu even with 0 balance but will not be able to avail of the services where charges are applicable.

For Postpaid accounts that are redirected, the experience would be similar to voice calls wherein no calls can be made by the account.

TV5 teams up with Metra for advanced weather forecasting system

"Weather forecasting and reporting in the Philippines will take a great leap forward as TV5 collaborates with the Metra Information Limited (Metra) of New Zealand for the provision of Metra's Weatherscape XT, the world's leading edge weather graphics system. A member of the UN World Meteorological Organization, Metra is the world's No. 1 weather news service with over 100 systems installed around the world.

"TV5 has a special relationship with Metra as the international weather organization's first media partner in the Philippines. Metra gives TV5 access to the world's most advanced computer-based weather visualization system, enabling the network to be ahead of the weather at any given time.

"Metra Weatherscape's full-featured weather graphics and data management solutions deliver relevant and accurate weather information, which is exactly what the country needs, particularly in forecasting extreme weather conditions. Fusing meteorological science with the latest advancements in computer graphics technology, Metra Weatherscape will give TV5 access to better weather communications systems and to dependable, high-quality forecasts providing a more timely supply of data.

"'We recognize the people's need to always be informed about weather situations that may affect their safety and livelihood. Apart from our thrust in TV5 to be abreast with global technological standards, it is really the Filipino people's need for relevant and accurate weather information that we're addressing in our partnership with the world's best weather forecast provider," shared Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, TV5's President and CEO.

"Metra is a subsidiary of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited and is a world leader in weather forecasting products and services. In the broadcast industry, Metra works with networks worldwide, with customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. International clients such as McDonalds and Marks & Spencer use Metra weather forecasts to fine tune their operations. Metra also recently signed an agreement with the Philippines' PAGASA.

"Metra's CEO, Paul Reid, flew in to Manila recently to ink the partnership agreement with TV5. 'Metra's continued growth and expansion in Asia highlights an increasing worldwide demand for timely, accurate and dynamic weather programming, and it also further reaffirms the broadcast industry's recognition of Metra as the world's leading provider of weather graphics and programming systems,' Reid said.

"With this team-up with Metra, TV5 has taken the lead among the country's major national networks in providing the most sophisticated and highly advanced weather reporting system to Filipino viewers across the nation."