Thursday, July 29, 2010

Globe opens TelePresence to the Public

Last night, Globe Telecom demonstrated their brand-new TelePresence Room which they will officially launch to the public this Friday.

The technology has been around for around 4 or 5 years now and several big companies have been using them (Cisco, PLDT, P&G) already but it’s only now that the TelePresence technology will be available to the public (all the rest are using it for private/internal use).

TelePresence allows for virtual conference among a number of people located in various parts of the world via high definition audio and video, making the environment as realistic as possible. The video above was shot during the session.

Notice that the position, size, aspect ratio of the people in the video are as close to the real thing making them appear as if they’re also in the same room. Even the direction of the voice of the speaker is relative to the position of the display screen where they are projected.

Each hi-def display requires at least 5Mbps to be able to carry that 1080p video so this set-up must need at least 15Mbps. There’s also a 32-inch monitor at the bottom of the middle display to show a Powerpoint presentation or anything coming from one of the conference participant’s laptop. Globe spent around $500,000 for this room alone and is looking to set up another one in Cebu soon.

The service will be available to the public starting this Friday (after the official launch) and is targeted to large companies that need a TelePresence facility (in lieu of traveling for business meetings). It does not come cheap too — the facility can be booked anytime and is open 24/7 at $500 per hour.

Get Php 1000 off on your Nokia C3 when you buy it on July 31st

Nokia C3 is already very affordable at only Php 7,295. But Nokia Philippines has just decided to give true fans a treat by slashing a full thousand bucks off the price of units that will be bought on July 31, 2010 -- bringing the price down to just Php 6,295!

Let's hear it from Nokia Philippines:

One time, big time for the Nokia C3

On July 31, 2010 get PhP 1,000 off for every purchase of a Nokia C3 mobile
phone! Get email, chat, Facebook and Twitter in style for as low as PhP

Built for the social networking butterfly in mind, the Nokia C3 offers instant
access to favorite sites straight from the homescreen, allowing people
to easily chat, tweet, follow, unfollow, view entries, post photos, like
statuses, comment on videos, and update their profile’s status. Writing
messages is quick thanks to its full QWERTY keyboard. Plus, email and chat
accounts can be set up straight from the device, without the need for a PC.
With its 2 megapixel camera, the Nokia C3 is awesome for taking pictures
and videos which can be instantly shared online, straight from the device, via
GPRS or Wi-Fi. You can also store up to 8GB of pictures, music and videos
by upgrading to an optional memory card.

The Nokia C3 comes in 3 cool colors -- hot pink, slate grey, and golden
white and will be available at all Nokia Stores and authorized Nokia Solution
Partners nationwide.

Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.

Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.
Corrected: This Friday lang libre Smart 3G for 24 hours. Sorry for the "every Friday" earlier.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smart offers free mobile surfing every Friday

If you are a SMART subscriber, you get to surf for FREE using your mobile phone every Friday starting this July 30, 12 AM. Yep, free 3G surfing and if your phone can tether to your laptop for internet sharing, good for you. This will only be available to postpaid and prepaid subscribers. Smart BRO is not included in this promo.SMART T.G.I.FreedayHere’s the FAQ from their Facebook page:

Q: WHAT IS T.G.I.Freeday?

A: Its Smart’s one-day offer for all subscribers to enjoy using mobile internet services for FREE. That means there are no charges to visit all internet sites using your mobile phone.

Q: When is T.G.I.Freeday available?

A: T.G.I.Freeday will start from 12:00 am of July 30, until 11:59pm of the same day. If you start browsing at 10pm, you only have 11:59 pm to enjoy free mobile internet.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: No registration needed. Just open your web browser, your Uzzap or GoMail application and go!

Q: Is there a special keyword or URL to visit?

A: No need to key in a keyword or a URL to use mobile internet. For as long as you have a data capable handset, you can do mobile surfing all your want. To get more information, text FREEDAY and send to 211.

Q: I don’t know how to use mobile internet. What’s the first thing I do?

A: You need to configure your 3G settings. Text SET send to 211 to get your 3G configuration for FREE. Save the configuration and then launch your mobile web browser to start browsing. As simple as that.

Q: Can I use 2G to browse the internet?

A: Yes you can. But for a faster and better experience, it is suggested that you take advantage of Smart’s nation widest coverage by using Smart’s superior 3G, HSPA, HSDPA network.

Q: I want to avail of a daily surfing package on Friday. Will this be allowed?

A: No. You will receive an SMS notification that today is a free day and that you will be able to use the service you wish to avail unlimited for the entire day.

Q: Will I be allowed to avail weekly and monthly package of the data services that I register to?

A: Subscribers can still avail of weekly and monthly packages every Friday but they will be reminded of T.G.I.Freeday Promo and they have to confirm their purchase before transaction is completed.

Q: I have a weekly/ monthly package. Will I be given additional 1 day extension as a result of T.G.I.Freeday?

A: Subscribers with current weekly and monthly packages that traverse on a Friday will not be given extra one day as a result of the free day Friday. The existing validity of their availed package will be retained.

Q: Is there a limit as to the number of services that I can avail for free?

A: For as long as subscribers have a data capable handset, there is no limit as to how many services subscribers can avail of for free.

Q: Is there a minimum maintaining balance?

A: Prepaid subscribers should have minimum balance of P1 to avail of the free services

Q: What if I browse after 11:59pm of Friday?

A: Should subscriber continue to browse even after 11:59pm, default charging P10/30 will commence and transactional fees for chat services will apply.

Q: What are the sites that I can access?

A: You can access all the sites that you want. All the Web Unli Sites offered currently at P20 per day by Smart will be FREE on TGIFreeday!

Aren’t you glad you’re on Smart? Now, I just hope that Smart’s network can sustain the volume of users who will be availing of this free service.

Now, is this the Big and Free and 18 and up promo from Smart?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


What is TST?
Ang TST o Tutok Sabay Text ay ang pinakamalaking text promo mula sa SMART at TV5 kung saan pwedeng manalo ng load and cash daily o up to 5 million weekly.
How can I join Tutok Sabay Text?
Tumutok lang sa TV5 at sumagot ng trivia questions sa mga participating programs gamit ang inyong TST Points (for prepaid subscribers, P0.50/txt for postpaid subscribers). Every text answer will earn you one raffle entry for a chance to win P100 load o P10,000 daily or up to P5 Million weekly.
Sino ang pwedeng sumali sa Tutok Sabay Text?
Pwedeng sumali ang lahat ng SMART Subscribers sa TST - SMART Buddy, Talk 'N Text at SMART Postpaid Brands
Ano ang ipapamigay sa Tutok Sabay Text?
Mayroong 100 winners of P100 load and 10 winners of P10,000 daily at 1 lucky winner of up to P5 million weekly
Kailan ang start ng Tutok Sabay Text promo?
Pwede ng sumali by August 1, 2010
Ano ang mga kailangan tutukan na programa sa TV5?
Siguraduhing tumutok sa mga programang ito at sumagot ng mga trivia questions flashed on screen:
- Face to Face: Mondays to Fridays (11:00AM - 11:45AM)
- Paparazzi: Sundays (2:30PM - 4:00PM)
- Talentadong Pinoy: Saturday and Sunday (7:30PM - 8:30PM)
- Primetime Shows: Daily (7:30PM - 10:30PM)
Para makuha ang schedules sa inyong cellphone, text TST SCHEDULES to 8850
How will I answer trivia questions on TV5?
To answer, text TST(space)(space) to 8850 (Ex: F2F A)
Paano ko malalaman ang mga TV5 program codes?
Siguraduhing abangan ang mga trivia questions for each show at dito ipapakita ang instructions para makasagot ng mga tanong. Sa bawat sagot, ang charge ay 1 TST point / txt
Paano ko malalaman kung nanalo ako sa Tutok Sabay Tex?
For daily winners, iaannounce ang winners the next day sa mga TV5 programs. For the weekly winner, matatawagan sya live sa PO5 to join the Tutok Sabay Text jackpot round for a chance to win up to P5 Millio
Paano manalo ng P5 Million?
Every week, mabibigyan ng chance ang isang lucky winner to raise his cash prize from P100,000 to P5 Million. Tumutok sa PO5 sa August 1 for more details
Ano ang TST Points?
Ang TST points ay gagamitin para makasali sa TST, Siguraduhing mag load lang ng magload para makaipon ng mas maraming TST points para makasali and get more chances to win up to P5 million weekly! (for prepaid subscribers)
Saan ko magagamit ang TST points?
Ang TST points ay gagamitin para makasagot ng trivia questions na ipapakita sa TV5, ang bawat sagot ay katumbas ng isang TST point (1 TST pt/txt)
How do I earn TST Points?
To earn TST points, magload lang ng SMART Buddy o Talk 'N Text load sa SMART Loading Stations. Sa bawat P2 na load mo, may free 1 TST point ka na. (Ex: All Text 20 = 10 TST points). For SMART Buddy and Talk 'N Text call and text cards, makakakuha ka ng 50 FREE TST Points sa bawat load mo.
Ano ang kailangang i-load para makakuha ng TST points?
Magload lang ng SMART Buddy o Talk 'N Text load sa SMART Loading stations para makakuha ng FREE TST points. For SMART Buddy and Talk 'N Text call and text cards, makakakuha ka ng 50 FREE TST Points sa bawat load mo (for all load values). (Ang mga load na via text registration ay hindi makakakuha ng TST points)
Kailan ko makukuha ang TST points ko?
Ang TST points ay macre-credit ng 8am the day after mag-load. (Ex: Nagload ka ng 10AM today, makukuha ang TST points ng 8AM tomorrow). For call and text cards, macre-credit ang TST points after 48 hours.
May bayad ba ang TST points?
Libre ang TST points, sa bawat P2 na load mo, may 1 FREE TST point ka na! (Ex: All Text 20 = 10 TST Points)
How do I check my TST points?
Para macheck kung ilan na ang naipon na TST points, Text TST ON to 8850 para makakuha ng points update 3x a week for FREE or text TST POINTS to 8850.
Will my TST points expire?
Mageexpire ang TST points at the end of the promo period.
Paano kung naubusan ako ng TST points?
Kung maubusan ng TST points, ang fee ay P1/text (for SMART Buddy / Talk 'N Text). Kaya siguraduhing mag load lang ng magload para makaipon ng mas maraming libreng TST points para makasali sa TST.
Will postpaid numbers get TST points?
Hindi makakatanggap ng TST points ang SMART postpaid subscribers pero pwedeng-pwedeng sumali ang SMART postpaid subscribers sa TST.
Paano makakasali ang SMART postpaid subscribers sa TST kung walang TST points?
Makakasali pa rin ang mga SMART postpaid numbers sa TST kahit walang TST points, P0.50/text lang para makasali!
Paano ako makakakuha ng regular updates tungkol sa Tutok Sabay Text?
To get regular updates 3x a week for FREE, magtext lang ng TST ON to 8850 or visit /
May charge ba ang TST ON to 8850 at ibang keywords?
Ang TST ON updates ay free of charge. Para sa ibang keywords ang charge ay 1 TST point/txt . (Para sa postpaid subscribers ang charge ay P0.50/txt)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Globe MyFi Router FAQ

This just in! We just heard about this yesterday that Globe is going to offer portable WiFi router. Today, we have now the Frequently Asked Questions regarding it, including new broadband postpaid plans. And yes, it is called Globe MyFi.

1. What are the new Tattoo Postpaid plans? Globe has made your life simpler by providing you with just 2 choices for your postpaid plans: Globe Tattoo Postpaid Plan 499 ideal for light users and Plan P999 for heavy users – both at 3mbps speed!
POSTPAID Tattoo Broadband
User Type Light Users Heavy Users
Affordability 499 999
Speed 3mbps
Access Limit 50 hours succeeding Unlimited
Calls Mobile rates N/A
Coverage Nationwide
Innovation MyFi (+P250/mo)

Note: Plan P999, due to its unlimited internet access provision at a very affordable rate, doesn’t offer any calling feature.

2. Are the old Tattoo Postpaid plans still available? No. The new plans are far more affordable and superior than the current ones.

3. What will happen to current subscribers of old Globe Tattoo broadband postpaid plans? Existing subscribers who are out of their lock-up period may transfer to the new plans should they wish to by proceeding to any Globe Store to request for a change in their subscription. Only subscribers out of their lock-up period may do this.

4. Why should I get a postpaid broadband plan from Globe Tattoo? Globe offers the most affordable broadband plan available nationwide at only P499 and at the same time it also is the only brand with up to 3mbps speed across all postpaid plans, even on unlimited.

5. How do I subscribe to a Globe Tattoo Postpaid plan? Just bring any 1) valid ID, 2) proof of billing address, and 3) proof of income OR 1 month advanced payment and proceed to any Globe Store to subscribe.

6. What is the MyFi Device The Globe Tattoo Broadband MyFi Device is wireless WiFi router that enables you to share your internet access with other WiFi capable internet access devices simultaneously within a 10meter radius (coverage may decrease if there are obstructions such as walls). It’s an optional modem that you can subscribe to in lieu of the regular Globe Tattoo Postpaid stick for only an additional P250/ month for 24 months. After 24 months, you no longer have to pay the P250 and your bill will revert back to the regular plan rate.

Friday, July 23, 2010

SUPER-UNLI 150 unlimited calls and texts

Globe Tattoo gives you Super-Unli. Enjoy unlimited texting AND calling to Globe/TM for only P150 for 7 days. Now you’re free to connect non-stop with friends, anytime and anyway you want to because it is completed with texting and calling.

It’s very easy to subscribe to Super-Unli! Simply text SUPER150 to 8888, and you’ll enjoy unlimited text to Globe / TM for 7 days. To make unlimited calls, simply dial the number of the Globe / TM subscriber you are calling (eg 0917xxxxxxx).

* Available for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers
* Offer is available to Globe Tattoo sim users and old Globe sims.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

RedFox to release Multi-OS WizPad Tablet

In a recent presentation by RedFox executives where they previewed 3 ebook readers to the members of CyberPress, they also revealed they are coming out with a tablet this September.

The tablet will be named RedFox WizPad, a play on the popular Apple iPad tablet and is expected to be announced/released this September.

The WizPad will be powered by an Intel Atom processor (could be one of the new low-powered Atom Z6xx series). Best of all, customers will have a choice of operating system for the tablet — Android, Meego, Windows 7 and and Google’s Chrome OS.

The tablet will be larger than the iPad and as slim (14mm vs. 13.4mm of the iPad) with support for multi-touch (1366×768 pixel resolution).

The device will have WiFi and 3G versions as well as optional GPS. Unlike the iPad, the WizPad will have USB ports, SD card slot, webcam and mini-HDMI port.

No pricing was indicated but RedFox says it will be priced competitively. Will know more when they finally announce this in September.

How to Setup Smart Mobile Internet

Smart Communications at Facebook released on Friday its Mobile Internet How To's guide to set up Smart Buddy mobile internet. Here's how.


1. Send SET to 211 to configure INTERNET settings.
2. Look for the handset browser.
3. Type in in the address bar of handset browser.
4. Choose among the available UNLI Surf plans.
5. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions.
6. Surf the web!

Detailed Steps:

1. 1. To activate your 3G/ GPRS Capable Handsets, text SET send to 211 (ex: SET N70 to 211)
a. Click on the TOOLS in your phone’s menu.
b. Click on SETTINGS
c. Click on CONNECTION
2. Set your network configuration:
a. In your phone’s menu, click on Tools.
b. Click on Settings
c. Click on Network
d. Choose Network Mode
e. and click on Dual Mode.
f. An indicator will show you what network you are using.
3. How to surf.
a. Click on the web browser in your phone’s menu.
b. Select a site from your bookmarks.
c. Or enter the web address of the site you want to visit
d. For Nokia handsets: click on Options > Navigation Options > Go to web address
e. You will then be connected to the Internet.
f. Enjoy surfing sites like:, Friendster, and News and Info directly on your cellphone

Report a PLDT problem via SMS with 77171 TXTPRESS

It’s no surprise anymore that whenever you call the PLDT hotline to report a problem, it will take ages and a day to get to talk to a support personnel. And you would still be lucky if that person can really help you or even give you a sound explanation.

Now PLDT is offering its subscribers a way to report complaints, do balance inquiries, apply for a service via SMS, etc. 24×7.


This service is FREE but it still only available to SMART and Talk n’ Text subscribers.

Here’s how to use 77171 TXTPRESS:

Description Send to 77171

To report a complaint PLDT REPORT
To apply for a service PLDT APPLY
To check account balance PLDT BAL
For product inquiries PLDT PRODUCTS
To get inquiries on Business Offices PLDT BUSOFFICES
To get inquiries on payment centers PLDT PAYCENTERS
To get instructions on DDD security PLDT DDDLOCK
Help Option PLDT Help

Now the question is, will it really offer any value to customers who wants. After texting, the only thing they’d get in return is an automated response. Does it really translate to a prompt action or follow-up? Or even a callback for that matter?

Anybody tried this service yet for reporting problems?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

red text unlimted

TEXT UNLI30( red to red+10txt to allnetworks good for 3 days)
Text TU30 to 9949

TEXT UNLI50( red to red good for 7days)
Text TU50 to 9949

RED Call and Text Unlimited to ALL Smart networks P30

RED Mobile users can Call and Text Unlimited to ALL Smart networks for only P30 a day.Make sure you have converted your regular load to the All New unlimited Call and Text. To convert text UNLI30 TO 9949.

Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25

1. What is the Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 promo?
Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 is an unlimited call and text offer. Now you can make unlimited calls and texts to any Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid or TM number for 1 day for only P25. Unlimited calls do not include calls to other networks (Smart, Sun, Red), landline numbers, and IDD calls.

Promo runs from July 17, 2010 to August 16, 2010 (Per DTI-Permit No. (to follow), Series of 2010).
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2. Who can avail of the new Tattoo SUPER-UNLI promo?
This may only be availed by Globe prepaid and Tattoo mobile subscribers. The offer is currently not available to TM subs. TM subs may opt to use ASTIGUNLI instead.
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3. Is the service available nationwide?
Yes, SUPER-UNLI is finally available NATIONWIDE. Once registered, you can make unlimited calls and texts to any Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid or TM number anywhere in the country.
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4. How do subscribers avail of the promo?
You must be a Tattoo or Globe Prepaid subscriber. A minimum of P26 load is required for you to register and use Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25. Just text SUPER25 to 8888 to register and enjoy unlimited calls and texts for 1day. All calls and texts made to Globe/TM within 24 hours of registration are free. No prefix required for calls.

You will receive a confirmation message to inform you that you have successfully registered to SUPER-UNLI. Upon successful registration, P25 will automatically be deducted from prepaid subscriber’s load.
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5. Can I avail of the Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 promo through retailers via load?
SUPERUNLI 25 promo is currently available thru SMS registration only. You can subscribe to the promo by texting SUPER25 to 8888.
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6. The access code used for this promo before was 2868. What if I accidentally sent my keyword to that number instead of 8888, would I still be able to successfully register?
Yes, you would still be able to successfully register to SUPER-UNLI 25 even if you mistakenly sent your keyword to 2868.
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7. How much prepaid balance should I maintain in order to enjoy my SUPER-UNLI 25 promo?
You only need to maintain P1 to enjoy Tattoo SUPER-UNLI.
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8. After I register, how will I know if my Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 is already active?
Within 1 hour from registration, you will receive a confirmation message from Globe which will let you know that you can start using Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25.

Reply message:
1/3 Maaari mo nang magamit ang Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25! Enjoy unlimited Globe-Globe/TM calls and text for 1 day! No prefix required to call! 2/2 All calls & texts to Globe/TM w/in 24hrs of registration r free. Must maintain P1 in ur account to use SUPER-UNLI. 3/3 To check status, txt SUPER BAL to 8888 for free. Promo til 08/15/10. DTI3862s10.
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9. When will my SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription expire?
SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription will expire after 1 day or 24 hours upon activation. For example: Your registration starts at 8:00am today, it will end at 7:59am of tomorrow
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10. Do I need to use a prefix (or number before the mobile number (e.g. 23891xxxxxxxx) when calling using the SUPER-UNLI 25 promo?
No, you do not need to use a prefix to be able to make unlimited calls courtesy of your SUPER-UNLI subscription. However, just in case you used the prefix 238 before dialing the number you are calling, you will still be able to make the call for free as long as you are subscribed to SUPER-UNLI.
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11. What will happen to my call if I use 238 prefix in calling a Globe or TM number but I am not registered to Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25?
Calls using 238 prefix will not be connected. Calls using the prefix 238 will only be connected if the subscriber has used it while registered to SUPER-UNLI. However, the use of this prefix is not anymore required to be able to make free, unlimited calls while subscribed to SUPER-UNLI.
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12. Why did you remove the use of the 238 prefix for calls made under SUPER-UNLI?
When subscribed under SUPER-UNLI, you no longer need to use the 238 prefix to be able to make free, unlimited calls. Globe always seeks to make the user experience better, and part of this is making things easy for its valued subscribers. So now, you no longer have to remember to use the prefix to make unlimited free calls while subscribed to SUPER-UNLI.
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13. How much will I be charged if I made calls to other networks?
Your calls made to other networks still cost P7.50 per minute.
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14. Are conference calls part of SUPER-UNLI 25?
Yes, you may make conference calls for free if you are subscribed to SUPER-UNLI 25 and you are the call initiator.
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15. Are local video calls part of SUPER-UNLI 25?
No, local video calls are not part of the unlimited calls when subscribed to SUPER-UNLI 25. Video calls will be charged the normal rate for Video Calls while subscribers are on SUPER-UNLI 25.
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16. How do I avail of the unlimited texting?
Upon successful registration to SUPER-UNLI 25, all SMS to Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid or TM within 1 day or 24 hours will be free of charge. To register to SUPER-UNLI, text SUPER25 to 8888.
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17. I still have free SMS in my account. What will happen to my FREE SMS once I subscribe to SUPER-UNLI 25?
For Prepaid subscribers subscribing to SUPER-UNLI 25, any FREE SMS in your account will be used should you text subscribers from OTHER NETWORKS. SUPER-UNLI 25 will cover your Globe to Globe and Globe to TM text messages.
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18. How much will I be charged if I made texts to other networks?
If you no longer have FREE SMS in your account, your texts to other networks will cost P1.00 per text.
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19. How can I check if my SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription is still active?
To check if your SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription is still active, just text SUPER BAL to 8888 for FREE. You will receive a message confirming the status of your subscription and when it will expire.
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20. What should I text if I want to unsubscribe from the promo?
Just text SUPER OFF to 8888 for free. In case you unsubscribe from the service before your SUPER-UNLI subscription expires, Globe will no longer refund the registration fee that was charged to your account.
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21. What do I text if I want to know more about the promo?
Just text SUPER HELP to 8888. This is free of charge.
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22. What do I text if I want to know the areas qualified to avail of the promo?
Just text SUPER25AREAS to 8888. This is free of charge and will provide you the full listing of provinces.
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23. Can I avail of this promo while roaming?
The promo is only applicable to calls and texts made within the country and does not apply when you are using the international roaming service. All calls and texts made while roaming or outside the country will be charged the applicable roaming rates.
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24. What will happen if subscriber is already in the Philippines and the roaming feature is still active?
Subscriber may register to SUPER-UNLI 25 as long as he or she is within the Philippines and may enjoy the service as long as he or she is within the Philippines.
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25. What will happen if the subscriber has an active SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription, then activates their roaming?
Roaming activation will be successful even if a subscriber is subscribed to SUPER-UNLI 25. SUPER-UNLI 25 will not be deactivated automatically after Roaming has been activated but the subscriber may not use the promo while Roaming. Roaming rates will supersede SUPER-UNLI 25 Zero Rate when the roamer is outside the Philippines. SUPER-UNLI 25 will be deactivated by Application Server as scheduled.
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26. What will happen to my SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription if I change my SIM or change my number?
Prepaid subscribers: Your SUPER-UNLI 25 subscription will continue even if you change your SIM card as long as you retain your mobile number. If you change your SIM and number as well, your subscription to SUPER-UNLI 25 will not be transferred thus, you will need to register again.
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27. Can I avail of SUPER-UNLI 25 while I’m subscribed to DUO service?
Yes, you can still register to Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 while subscribed to DUO and enjoy the unlimited calls and text to any Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid or TM subscriber for 1 day.
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28. Can I avail other promos while I am subscribed to SUPER-UNLI 25?
You can avail of the call promos lTawag236, Sakto Calls, Duo and P10/3mins even while you’re registered to Tattoo SUPER-UNLI but these calls will be charged on top of your SUPER-UNLI subscription depending on the promo rate. You just have to use the correct calling syntax for the promo you want to use.

You may not avail of SUPERDUO and SUPER UNLI 150 while registered to SUPER-UNLI 25.

You may also not avail of SMS promos such as Sulitxt and Unlitxt (all day, daytime and nighttime), and TXTOTHERS while registered to SUPER-UNLI 25.
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29. Can I register to SUPER-UNLI 150 while on SUPER-UNLI 25?
No, you cannot register to SUPER-UNLI 150 while on SUPER-UNLI 25. Once your SUPER-UNLI 25 expires, you can register to SUPER-UNLI 150.
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30. Can I register to SUPER-UNLI 25 while my previous registrations to other promos are still active?
You may register to SUPER-UNLI 25 while you are registered to Duo. However if you have an active registration to Sulitxt, Unlitxt, Text Others, SUPER-UNLI 150 and SUPERDUO, you may not register to SUPER-UNLI 25. You have to wait for your subscription to expire before you can register again.
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31. I'm registered to Immortaltxt and then I register to SUPER-UNLI 25. Will my Immortaltxt be used up only after my SUPER-UNLI 25 texts?
Yes, your texts from Immortaltxt will only be used after your SUPER-UNLI 25 registration expires.
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32. What would happen if there is network congestion due to the registration traffic of SUPER-UNLI 25 subscribers?
In case there is network congestion, the system would not allow successful registration of subscription requests that will be sent to 8888. In case this happens, front-liners should be prepared to address subscriber complaints.

Spiel: If sub wants to register to SUPER-UNLI 25:
Ma’am / Sir, due to system limitations, SUPER-UNLI 25 is not available at this moment. We are working to address this network concern so you may able to access and register to this offer.
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33. Why was my call terminated? (reactive spiel)
We apologize that your call was cut short. As part of our means to fully optimize network capacity and to maintain the quality of our services, Globe created calling parameters for our SUPER-UNLI 25 service which may have resulted in your call to be abruptly interrupted. However, I assure you that as long as you are registered to Tattoo SUPER-UNLI 25 you can make as many Globe to Globe/TM calls as possible within your subscription period.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Microsoft announces Facebook integration into Outlook

Everywhere you turn, it seems that Facebook is always right in front of you. Heck, it's even going to invade your Outlook inbox, as Microsoft is integrating it into its personal email management tool. You'll be able to access and view Facebook news feeds straight from your inbox. Add Windows Live Messenger into the mix, and Filipinos will have a whole new dimension of social networking.

What exactly can we expect from the Microsoft Outlook-Facebook integration?

* When an Outlook contact emails you, you'll also be able to view his profile picture, status updates, photo uploads, and wall posts, among others, granted that he is also on Facebook.
* How does real-time Facebook updates sound? Think of them as real-time stalking being able to see notifications without having to visit the social-networking site itself.

The integration will be made possible by the Outlook Social Connector plug-in that was introduced by Microsoft last year and initially only worked on LinkedIn. If you have the Jurassic Age Outlook versions (read: 2003 and 2007), though, fret not because the plug-in will still work in those.

However, the hookup is just a one-way street, so to speak. Outlook can only get information from Facebook and not the other way around, which means that while you can view FB updates, you cannot respond to them directly. Liking or commenting a status via Outlook, for example, is out of the question. Well, at least for now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Selected JAC Liner buses now have onboard Wi-Fi

JAC Liner, Inc., one of the Philippines' premier bus lines, now offers free onboard Wi-Fi to passengers traveling to the south. All buses bound for Biñan and Balibago in Laguna and selected buses headed to Lucena City in Quezon are now online, en route at no extra cost.

According to JAC Liner's LRT Buendia office, some of the newly acquired Yutong buses are already Wi-Fi ready, with the rest of the fleet scheduled to follow suit. Wi-Fi use is included in the ticket price and is therefore freely usable by anyone with a Wi-Fi-equipped device.

JAC's representative wasn't sure which telco provides the Internet service and which product is being used, although we think that it's a 3G Wi-Fi router like the Smart Bro Share-It.

Great job, JAC! A value-added bonus like this should rake in extra passengers, and we sincerely hope other bus companies like Philippine Rabbit and Victory Liner follow your lead.

Monday, July 12, 2010

TV5 surprises competition with backpack reporting

NEWCOMER TV5 has raised the bar in live reporting by introducing a camera that can broadcast live from anywhere and at any time using wireless broadband technology.

The station’s News5 Live Pack is a high-definition camera and transmitter setup that transmits from a regular backpack weighing 5 to 7 pounds, and can be carried by a single cameraman. It needs no broadcast van, and a cameraman riding pillion with a motorcyclist can transmit, say, pictures of a Tour of Luzon segment while it is happening.

TV5 surprised the competition when it aired high-quality video as it followed the Aquino convoy from Times Street in Quezon City to the Quirino Grandstand in Manila for President Benigno Aquino III’s inauguration—something that had never been done before on Philippine television.

A separate News5 Live Pack showed then Vice President-elect Binay inside the Manila Hotel preparing for his inauguration. Another News5 Live Pack carried live interviews from the crowd gathered in front of the Quirino Grandstand.

All these were accomplished without the use of old-style microwave vans and satellite trucks, which can cost P100 million for an OB van.

“Our News5 Live Pack puts us at the leading edge of TV news technology,” said Luchi Cruz Valdes, TV5 News and Information head.

“We are taking the reporting of news as it happens, from where it happens, to a new level.”

TV5 News Operations head DJ Sta. Ana added: “The News5 Live Pack gives us the ability to deploy news crews rapidly, and these news crews can remain highly mobile even as they are sending video back to base. These are things no other network can match at this time.”

News5 Live Packs were recently sent to Batac, Ilocos Norte, and Cebu City to cover breaking news. They are also being used daily to provide live updates on the traffic situation around Metro Manila within the TV5 morning show Sapul.

The network says that since it was acquired by the Pangilinan group, it has led the way in the use of new technology, such as touch-screen monitors and virtual graphics.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Filipinos are buying smartphones

A recent study by retail monitoring group GfK reveals that phone buyers in Southeast and East Asia are biting more and more into the smartphone trend. The report, which includes figures from the Philippines, shows that in the first quarter of 2010 alone, 1 in 10 handsets purchased in the region was a smartphone.

Hong Kong tops the list with 61.3% of buyers nixing older, less versatile dumbphones. Malaysia, which recorded the highest jump from the previous year, comes in second with 55.2% followed by Singapore with 44.6%. Surprisingly, smartphone manufacturer HTC's home base, Taiwan, comes in at 4th with only 34.6%.

As for the Philippines, we come in at a perfectly understandable 6th-place ranking with 25.9% (up from 13.6%, Q1 2009). We're currently behind Indonesia, but well ahead of Vietnam and Thailand.

An estimated 3.29 million units sold has raked in revenue of US$1.26 billion (about P63 billion), thus confirming that the region is a lucrative market for the equally lucrative business.

GfK sees the lowering of 3G data rates as the main reason for the upward trend in sales. They are also expecting the rise to continue until the end of the year, especially with new units like the Samsung Galaxy S, the Apple iPhone 4, and the Nokia N8 coming into the market.

Judging by these numbers, it wouldn't be long before smartphones take over RP. We're curious how local brands like Cherry Mobile, Torque, and MyPhone will react once we finally bid basic phones goodbye.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Smart and Talk N Text subscribers received an SMS message announcing the availability of SMARTXT 100. Those who were able to register early say it's the cheapest unlimited text service with the longest validity period ever offered.

For only Php 100, subscribers can get unlimited texts to Smart/TNT plus 70 minutes consumable calls to Smart and Talk N Text, valid for 14 days.

To register, type TXT100 and send to 5602.

Globe Super One

Super One is a new unlimited call and text promo from Globe. You must have heard about it already but might want to clarify things. Is it for postpaid only? Can prepaid subscribers avail of Globe Super One too? We must know from no one else but Globe.

Here's what they have to say about the promo and on how to activate Globe Super One:

Heya, GLOBE fans! Introducing SUPER ONE. The first & only all-you-can call & text to ONE Globe Postpaid, Prepaid or TM number of your choice.

Connect to your most important ONE for as long as you want for as low as P150/month/mobile number. Tawag na sa iyong sweetheart, anak at best friend!

Text SUPER ONE to 8888, MY SUPERONE for my Super Plan (P175/month/mobile number)

We've learned from various sources that Super One is currently offered to post paid and Super Plan subscribers.

Don't lose hope, I got a source who said that Globe will possibly make Super One available to prepaid users soon.


Globe SUPERTXT (Prepaid, Postpaid and My Super Plan)

Also available as All-You-Can service for My Super Plan.

AVAILABLE TO: Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and My Super Plan nationwide



P349 / 30 days SUPERTXT349

P299 / 30 days SUPERTXTON

P349 / 30 days MYSUPERTXT


1. Service will be activated within 1 hour from the time of registration.
2. Subscriber needs to maintain at least P1 to continuously use the service.
3. Not available via Globe Load retailers
4. Not available while roaming
1. Service will be activated within 1 hour from the time of registration.
2. Registration fee is charged on top of the plan.
3. First registration is valid for 90 days. Upon successful registration, account will be locked in for 90 days during which subscriber will be automatically registered to the service every 30 days and will be charged P299.
4. Subscriber cannot stop the registration within the 90-day lock-up, otherwise, termination fee of P900 will be charged.
5. Only the first registration entails 90-day lock-up; no lock-up on succeeding registrations.
6. Auto-renewal feature will still be available even after the 90-day lock-up. Subscriber will receive a notification 3 days prior to expiry. To stop auto-renewal, subscriber should send SUPERTXT END to 8888.
7. Not available while roaming
1. Service will be activated within 1 hour from the time of registration.
2. With auto-renewal feature
3. No lock-up
4. Not available while roaming

Globe Prepaid and Tattoo One Day Unlimited Call and Text for P25

Super-Unli 25 will be available to Globe Prepaid and Tattoo subscribers in selected areas only.

· P25/day available in Cebu, Iloilo, Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras,Tarlac, Benguet, Pangasinan (selected towns), La Union, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Siquijor, Northern, Eastern & Western Samar, Leyte, Southern Leyte, and Biliran) only.

NOTE: Once registered, call using 238 prefix to enjoy unlimited calls for Super-Unli Prepaid. Normal dialling procedure applies to Postpaid. Text msgs after registration are free w/in the subscribed period.

* P150/5 days available to Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers nationwide



* P499/30 days available to Postpaid subscribers nationwide.

My Super Plan:
* P599/30 days available to My Super Plan subscribers nationwide.

Touch Mobile Unlimited Call and Text for P20 or P100 Only

Touch Moblie’s new UNLI CALL* & TEXT offer available in P20 for 1-day and P100 for 7-day variants. UNLImited CALL may only be enjoyed from 10:00 pm-5:00 pm while UNLImited TEXT is good for 1day/7days to TM or Globe subscribers.

PROMO PERIOD: July 2, 2010 – August 1, 2010
AVAILABLE TO: TM subscribers only




UNLICOMBO 1 day for P20.00

Unlimited calls from 10pm – 5pm and 24 hours text to TM and Globe subscriber

UNLICOMBO 7 days for P100.00

Unlimited calls from 10pm – 5pm and 7 days of unlimited text to TM and Globe subscriber

Cathay Pacific to provide 50Mbps Wi-Fi on planes

If you love traveling but not the idea of leaving your online self behind for a few hours, then the news that Cathay Pacific Airways plans to add Wi-Fi, in-flight calling, and live and pay-per-view TV to its current crop of services is for you.

Okay, so the services will be launched by early 2012 still, but the fact that the Hong Kong-based airline is hell-bent on becoming the geek's airline of choice lets it earn pogi points from us. If only our very own Philippine Airlines would follow suit...

According to Cathay Pacific, Panasonic Avionics Corporation will provide up to 50Mbps wireless broadband access (yeah, more than what our telcos give us. This is depressing) on all its planes. Which means Cathay Pacific-owned Dragonair will also get the high-tech love.

First, PS3 kiosks at the Hong Kong International Airport, and now this? My, Hong Kong has just become our favorite Asian destination.

Official press release

Cathay Pacific and Panasonic Avionics Corporation plan to keep passengers connected as they fly

Cathay Pacific Airways and Panasonic Avionics Corporation today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the provision of full broadband connectivity on all Cathay Pacific and Dragonair passenger aircraft.

While final terms are still being negotiated, the MOU allows the parties to immediately begin developing the plan to provide connectivity for passengers together with promotional, sponsorship, and e-commerce opportunities for Cathay Pacific partner brands.

Cathay Pacific is the first airline in Asia to announce its intention to deploy Panasonic Avionics' Global Communications Suite broadband connectivity solution. It is also the first airline globally to announce an intention to provide the solution across its full fleet. Services will launch from early 2012, subject to regulatory approval.

The Panasonic Avionics connectivity solution for Cathay Pacific will comprise the eXConnect broadband service, eXPhone GSM phone service, and a CX-branded free-of-charge entertainment portal – accessible through all passenger devices and seatback screens – that will include a range of content updated during the flight, access to airline and partner sites, e-commerce, airline-specific advertising, and live television with a unique pay-per-view capability for special events.

*eXConnect provides two-way broadband connectivity supporting a wide range of passenger and crew applications, including Internet access, voice, data, and the ability to monitor and transmit airline operational data in real time at speeds of up to 50 Mbps to the aircraft.

*eXPhone, offered in collaboration with AeroMobile's GSM mobile phone technology, allows passengers to use their mobile phones, smart phones and BlackBerry® devices onboard to make voice calls, send SMS text messages or utilise data services and stream content wirelessly to their iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. eXPhone gives the airline flexibility and full control over the services offered including restricting certain services when appropriate.

Alex McGowan, head of product for Cathay Pacific, said: "Connectivity will form an important part of our overall customer proposition. Having that connectivity integrated closely with our video-on-demand entertainment system is especially valuable as it means that all passengers will be able to use the service. We believe that being connected is now an expected part of everyday life – not just for business purposes but also to stay in touch with family and friends. This system will allow passengers to be as 'in touch' as they wish to be while enjoying the great Cathay Pacific and Dragonair service."

Charles Ogilvie, executive director of China for Panasonic Avionics Corporation, said: "We are very proud and thrilled to be working with Cathay Pacific. We are committed to serving the needs of the ever-growing markets in China and Asia. With Panasonic Avionics' Global Communications Services, Cathay Pacific will be the first airline in Asia to offer passengers the most innovative inflight entertainment and communication options onboard commercial aircraft."

Cathay Pacific Airways and Panasonic Avionics Corporation have enjoyed a close relationship since 1994.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sun Cellular now offers BlackBerry Service

Digitel and RIM announced that Sun Cellular is now offering BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 to customers in the Philippines.

The BlackBerry Internet Service plans, together with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphones, will be initially available at select Sun Shops: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East, Robinsons Manila, TriNoma, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Park Square, SM Marilao, SM Megamall, Festival Mall, SM North EDSA, SM Cebu and Ayala Cebu. Availability will also soon be expanded to all Sun Shops.

I checked the website and the newsroom doesn’t have the details nor the listed postpaid plans include any BlackBerry handset. I am told they have not released how much the BIS postpaid service will be but it should come out anytime soon. Likewise, if you inquire on the listed shops above, you may not get any specific details as well.

More on this as we get details on pricing plans for postpaid and prepaid. Hopefully, it will be cheaper.

Update: Here are the initial details of BlackBerry Plans from Sun Cellular:

* BB Plan 2500
* BB Add-on 700 (10MB quota)
* BB Add-on 999 (Unlimited BIS)
* BB Add-on 1399 (Unlimited BIS + Internet)

BB Add-on Plans are available for the following:

* Plan 350
* Plan 600
* Plan 1000
* Plan 2000
* Plan 3500
* Elite Series Subscribers

*6-month lock-in period for Add-On plans.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 is free at Plan 2500 while BlackBerry Bold 9700 is Php15,000 at Plan 2500.

Smart launches new unlimited call plan

Just got this while reading the news today i have summarize it for Smart Subscribers.

Smart postpaid plan subscribers have new reason to celebrate as Smart offers unlimited-calling postpaid plans for 'calling circles', that will surely save you cost.

Called 'Smart Gold Quattro', this postpaid plan is a for member group subscription which allows the group members to make unlimited call within the four lines (or member of the group) listed specified as the 'calling circle' without needing to dial prefix number.

Smart Gold Quattro is available in the following plans: 1800 , 2500 and 3500 (which i also think is its price).

Individuals who qualify for the plan may choose to avail themselves of any of the modes as SIM-Only, at lower limit, and only 6 months of lock-in period or users can avail themselves of brand-new handset that comes free on every plan, at higher limit and 24 months lock in period.

For Quattro 1800
LG Cookie for primary member and remaining 3 members may avail Samsung E1080.

For Quattro 2500
Nokia E63 or Nokia 5230 for primary member and remaining 3 members may avail Samsung E1080

For Quattro 3500
subscriber may choose between two bundles namely Nokia E63 bundled with three Samsung S3500i handset or Nokia 5230 bundled with three Nokia 2730c.

*existing rates apply to other services such as on-net voice, off-net voice, sms, and IDD.

So that's it if you plan on getting Smart plan subscription you might wanna see this first and decide


Can’t survive a day without surfing the net? Now, you can stay connected anytime, anywhere! All you need is your Sun phone and a cost-efficient Mobile Internet service.

Avail of Sun Cellular’s latest offer - the Sun iPlans (Mobile Internet Plans). These new add-on data plans are intended to fit your budget and web surfing needs. Sun iPlans are available to all existing and new postpaid subscribers under Plan P350, P600 or any of the Group Plans (P699, P899 and P999).

Because Sun believes that you should be able to maximize every centavo of your hard-earned money, the Sun iPlans are designed to allow subscribers to enjoy mobile Internet at considerably lower rates.

You have three plans to choose from: the iPlan 149 that gives you 20 hours of surfing, the iPlan 399 that lets you enjoy 60 hours of mobile Internet, and the iPlan 649 that allows you unlimited web browsing—all valid for one (1) month.

With these plans, you can get up to 95% discount! Imagine, your usual P10 per 30 minutes is slashed to only P3.73 with iPlan 149, P3.33 with iPan 399 and P0.45 with iPlan 649.

Here’s more! With an iPlan, you can even use your Sun phone as a modem to connect your PC or laptop to the internet! Simply attach your Sun phone to your computer, open the PC Suite, and using ‘minternet’ as access point name (APN), connect and enjoy browsing while on-the-go.

Sun iPlans are guaranteed to provide you all the convenience and pleasure in surfing the net for your personal and professional needs. You can even update your status and browse through your social networking account, send and receive important emails while on a trip, and research for a school or work project even outdoors with only a Sun phone on hand.

Apply now for your choice of Sun iPlan at The Sun Shop nearest you! For an advanced credit evaluation, inquire via phone by calling the Sun Hotline 200 using your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 using any landline.

Get the Superloaded Sun Unlimited Now!

Ang Sun Call & Text Unlimited, Unlimited na, may FREE text to ALL NETWORKS pa! Get FREE 20 Texts to ALL NETWORKS with your Sun P25 Call & Text Unlimited when you load from July 5 to September 30, 2010.
To load, you can go to any of our Sun Xpress Load retailers nationwide, purchase a call card or convert your regular load by texting CTU 25 to 247.

Globe My Fully Loaded Plan

Since June 29, Globe introduced a new set of base plans, starting with
consumable amounts.

Step 1: Pick a Plan
Plan 299 – Php299 consumable per month
Plan 499 – Php499 consumable per month
Plan 999 – Php999 consumable per month
Plan 1799 – Php1799 consumable per month
Plan 2499 – Php2499 consumable per month
Plan 3799 – Php3799 consumable per month

Each plan has a corresponding number of freebies (up to 9) that you
can choose from among 6 choices.

Step 2: Pick a Monthly Freebie
A. Free Calls (10 minutes) and Free SMS (200) to Globe/TM number.
B. Free Calls (5 minutes) and Free SMS (25) to other Networks
C. Free IDD Calls (20 minutes) and Free SMS (10) to 10 countries*
D. Free Mobile Internet Surfing (3 hours)
E. Free Super One Unlimited Call & Text to 1 Globe/TM Number
F. Free Super Surf

Plan 299 – Pick 1 Freebies between A to D
Plan 499 – Pick 2 Freebies between A to D
Plan 999 – Pick 3 Freebies between A to E
Plan 1799 – Pick 5 Freebies between A to E
Plan 2499 – Pick 7 Freebies between A to E
Plan 3799 – Pick 9 Freebies between A to E (or get F only)

The Freebies are recurring every month and you can combine any of the
choices. For example, I am on Plan 1799 — I can pick 2 x A, 2 x E and
1 x C. Or, I can just pick 5 x A to get 50 free minutes and 1,000 free

The catch here is that you can actually change your freebies every
month. All you need to do is call the hotline and asked that you want
to change your monthly freebies to another set you like.

Step 3: Pick a Free Handset

You can get a Nokia 1680 on Plan 299 or get an iPhone 3GS on Plan 3799.

Globe has started migrating to this new Subscription Plans and offer
it to new and existing subscribers. One can stick with their existing
plan or move into this new plan anytime.

The My Fully Loaded Plans are basically your G-Flex Plan + Freebies.


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