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SANYO Introduces World’s Slimmestand Lightest Xacti Sound Recorder

SANYO Introduces World’s Slimmest and Lightest Xacti Sound Recorder

Records high quality sound using Linear PCM or MP3 recording options

LAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- Jan 06, 2010 SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) announces the release of the world’s slimmest and lightest sound recorder, the Xacti Sound Recorder ICR-XPS01M, and a bundled speaker cradle version, the ICR-XPS01MF. These new Sound Recorders feature Linear PCM recording in addition to various MP3 modes. Linear PCM is a high quality sound recording mode that is equivalent to an audio CD, which can be recorded onto a microSD card and easily transferred and played back on a computer or shared online. The Sound Recorders will be available in March 2010.

SANYO has a long history in audio recording and playback devices. Since 2002, SANYO has focused on designing sound recorders that feature high quality sound, improved recording and playback time, and convenience. Today, sound recorders have become more popular and are used in a variety of different situations. In addition to recording voice memos, these stylish devices allow high quality audio recording for business, professional, and personal use.

“The new Xacti Sound Recorder is one of the highest quality portable sound recorders on the market,” said Tom Van Voy, General Manager of the Consumer Products Group for SANYO North America. “It’s easy to use and easy to share the recorded audio content. Music professionals and music enthusiasts, as well as those who need a quality recorder for lectures or conferences, will be impressed by the features in this compact, stylish recorder.”

Product Xacti Sound Recorder
Product No. ICR-XPS01MF ICR-XPS01M
Color Silver (SL) Silver (SL)
MSRP $199.99 $149.99
Sales Start March, 2010
*1 For Xacti Sound Recorders. Main unit only (not including protruding parts). Not including cradle. (SANYO survey, as of the announcement on January 6, 2010)
*2 For Xacti Sound Recorders. Main unit only (including battery). Not including cradle. (SANYO survey, as of the announcement on January 6, 2010)
Main Features

1. World’s slimmest and lightest, Records in Linear PCM or MP3 as needed

High-quality sound recording with slimmest and lightest design to date (body only, not protruding parts)
Dimensions: 0.37” thick, weighs only 1.62 oz*3
Linear PCM recording captures true-to-life sound recording, with 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, 1,411 kbps, with a maximum of 21,000 Hz recording – equivalent to a music CD
Various MP3 recording formats available, for flexibility and long-play recording, including high mode with 44.1 kHz, 320 kbps, with a maximum of 20,000 Hz recording
MP3 and Linear PCM formats compatible with Windows Media Player software
High-performance stereo microphones capture the sound beautifully, matching the super high sound quality of Linear PCM and the high mode for MP3 recording
Features background noise reduction while still allowing highly sensitive recording, for clear and realistic audio records
Manual recording mode allows for detailed adjustments for up to 60 levels, using a recording level meter and a peak indicator lamp
Auto recording mode also available
*3 Main unit only (including battery). Not including cradle

2. Equipped with a microSD card slot (2 GB card included), for future expandability

No moving parts to intrude on the recording due to tape-less design
Bundled with a 2GB microSD card, usable in the microSDHC-compatible card slot, which can take up to 8GB cards
Unlimited expandability for recording
Easy to upload and save data to a PC without deterioration of recording due to data-file recording format and microSD card medium
Playback of MP3 and WMA files also available, allowing unit to be a personal audio device as well as a sound recorder by a simple drag-and-drop of an audio data file to the microSD card
3. Model ICR-XPS01MF comes with a slim multifunction cradle*4 (equipped with speakers, charger, and line input)

Easily fits on a desk or bedside table with slim docking cradle, approximately 40 mm thick
Total output of 2 watts from four speakers when using AC adapter, and 0.4 watts when powered by the Xacti Sound Recorder battery
Cradle doubles as battery charger for Sound Recorder when using AC Adapter
Simple direct recording with line input terminal
Power switch and earphone terminal can be used while the unit is in the cradle
*4. ICR-XPS01M is the Sound Recorder unit, and the ICR-XPS01MF is the unit plus cradle bundle

4. Other Features

“Playlist Function” to play favorite songs in a desired order
“List Display” for a quick and easy search using a branching list
“Song Information Display” to display audio file description information
“Recording Scene Selector”, makes optimal recordings possible with modes such as “Dictation”, “Meeting/Lecture”, and “Music”
Full customization with pre-programmed settings changeable and overwritten as needed
Record from external or old audio sources with “Line Recording Mode” as part of the scene selector, converting old lectures, etc to a more modern and usable data format
“Automatic Recording Separation Function”*5 (used during line input or MP3 recording), automatically separates recording files when a silent portion of two seconds or more is detected as long as the silence is at least two seconds and there is no constant background noise
*5. Separation when a silence of two seconds is detected. However, if the silent portions between songs are short, such as on a live CD, or if there is a constant background noise, such as found on some tape recordings, automatic partition may not work.

Direct recording functions also usable when unit is in cradle
“Noise Reduction Filter” (during recording) for reducing background air-conditioning or wind noise
Filters unwanted noise below 300 Hz during recording, effectively reducing wind noise when recording outdoors, or air conditioning and projector fan noise during meetings
“Clear Voice”, a mode used during playback, reduces background noise for clearer sound; reduces both high and low-range noise, compatible with MP3, WMA and Linear PCM (WAV) file formats
“FM Tuner and Timer Recording” (MP3: 128 kbps (fixed), 1 timer only), to enjoying FM radio programs
“21-Level Playback Speed Control Function” to playback recordings at slower or faster speeds (50% to 200% for MP3 files) without affecting sound quality ; dedicated button for quick and easy adjustments during playback
“Touch Control Sensor” for reducing operation noise during recording
Playback functions include “A-B Repeat Playback,” “Designated Time Search,” and “Time Skip Playback”
“Recycle Bin” allows the recovery of files deleted by mistake from main menu
“Timer Playback” for audio playback, such as FM radio or favorite music to be automatically turned on and off at programmed times in the morning and at night
Notes: Designs and specifications subject to change without notice. Operation is not guaranteed for all types of PC operating environments.

Microsoft Windows and Windows MediaTM are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and in other countries.

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