Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sun Easy Postpaid

Sun Easy Postpaid
Looking for an instant Postpaid Line?
Sun brings you the Sun Easy Postpaid Starter Plan!

Sun now offers you an easy way to get a postpaid line that does not require you to submit documents such as proof of billing or proof of income.
INSTANTLY get a Sun Plan 350 with no holding period by simply presenting and fulfilling the following:
·          1 valid I.D. with address
·          Filled out Postpaid Application Form
·          Pay the cash-out for the phone*
·          One (1) month advance monthly service fee

So what are you waiting for?

Get a Sun Easy Postpaid plan today and start enjoying 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited*** plus 250 free texts to other networks****.

* Cash-out will vary depending on the phone model.
** Given for twelve (12) months. Rebate amount depends on the phone option.
*** Local Sun-to-Sun calls and texts only.
**** FREE SMS for Regular Plans only.

Phone options available:

Phone Options
Cash-out for Phone
Monthly Rebates
Nokia 2700 or Samsung M3510
P 4,500
P 350
Nokia 5000 or Samsung E250i
P 4,000
P 330
Nokia 2330 or Nokia 2630
P 3,500
P 290
Nokia 1680 or Samsung E2120
P 2,500
P 200

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