Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Philippines Has the 12th Most Number of Twitter Users

Sighted online by Blogie: 1.08% of Twitterers are Filipino, making the Philippines #12 biggest population of users. twitter-users-worldwide-december-2009The rankings were compiled last December 2009, and list countries by how much percentage of the total number of Twitter users they take up. Though Twitter is an American-made service, international usage is growing, according to Sysomos: As Twitter matures, it is becoming more international… less than 51% of Twitter users were from the US in December 2009, down from 62.1% in June 2009. Brazil saw the greatest user growth, rising from 2% of the total in June to 8.8% in December. So the Brazilians have increased their user-base by around 1% a month last year. In terms of activity however, London is King: US users accounted for nearly 57% of tweets, however, showing they are more active than users in other countries—which makes sense if you consider that more experienced Twitter users are more engaged. Broken down by city, London had the most Twitter users, followed by Los Angeles, Sysomos found. But New Yorkers were the most active tweeters, accounting for some 2.4% of all posts.

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