Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twitter users respond to Jason Ivler’s arrest

The two-month hunt for Jason Ivler, the prime suspect in the murder of Renato Ebarle, Jr., came to an end yesterday morning. During a search conducted by National Bureau of Investigation operatives, Ivler was discovered and detained in his mother’s Quezon City home, but not before a tense shootout with the police. The clash left two police officers injured and Ivler with two gunshot wounds. On the web, we asked for your reactions on Ivler's arrest. Compassion and justice Some showed compassionate towards Ivler, including @briandavidz who tweeted, “Was it just me, or was the operation mishandled?" In a similar vein, @hellohellocarlo commented, "How inhumane what they did to Ivler, they should have not dragged him in handcuffs." He continued, “they already had Ivler walking, they should have just placed him in a police car calmly.” But most were thankful that Ivler was caught and justice was served. Keeping his message simple, @atalyer tweeted "Face the music, Ivler." Meanwhile, @lenskiecruz pointed out Ivler's illegal possession of a gun during the gun ban period preceding May's elections. And @jetboyboogie thinks Ivler has been watching too many movies to think that he could win in a shootout with the police. A case of mistaken identity Still others remembered another Jason Aguilar, who was mistakenly detained and deported from Qatar. @chebaldemor remarked, "I hope this is the right guy this time." Coming to Aguilar’s defense, @nerveending noted, "Ivler and his mom must also be held liable for Jason Aguilar's deportation and job loss." Maternal love Jason Ivler’s mother, Marlene Aguilar, who has been charged with obstruction of justice didn't get off so easy either. @bluearden tweeted, "While I don't question maternal love, it's disconcerting to know that Iivler's mom kept her fugitive son and armed him with an armalite." Providing a @alanagrao said, "A mother will always be a mother; but a good mother is somebody who will not tolerate the wrongdoings of her child." And @whilyn exclaimed, "Shame on his mother! We expect mothers to love their sons, but to that extent?!" Kudos to capturing the culprit and the footage But despite some questions about how the NBI handled the situation, tweeters like @onewit and @akosigodz praised their efforts. @one-wit added that he hoped the bureau would apply the same dedication and passion to other cases. The cameramen who braved the gunfire to capture footage of the action also received accolades from tweeters. "Kudos to the brave cameraman who maintained focus and kept camera rolling despite the gunfire," tweeted @dailymanila . Awaiting his day in court Jason Ivler is now in stable condition at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center. However, as he awaits his day in court, it seems that netizens have already given their verdict.

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