Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Networks Eclipsing SMS

According to the survey conducted recently, Filipinos used social networks more during the holidays than SMS to great friends and love ones… so what would the scenario imply?

Nothing much actually for general consumers but for the Telecom networks, it would mean a lot or should mean a lot for those networks who have not realized the gravity of the situation yet, this serves or should served as a wake-up call for them to change strategy in service offering that instead of focusing to SMS or Call, they should now consider Mobile Internet as a major service area to developed.

Sun Cellular’s Digitel saw this coming that’s why they have offered the very first call and surf unlimited package to their postpaid line, the Call and Surf Unlimited Lite 799 and the Call and Surf Unlimited 999. Under the Call and Surf Unlimited Plan 799, subscribers could get an unlimited Call offer Sun to Sun, unlimited Mobile Browsing and a free 3G phone to used under a two year contract. Part of the FREE phones offered were the ZTE F188, Nokia E63 and the Nokia 6730. The Call and Surf Unlimited Plan 999 offers the same package but with a more expensive FREE phones offered like the Sony Ericsson X8 and the Samsung Galaxy 5 and an added unlimited SMS Sun to Sun.

I am expecting the rest of the competition to follow soon, because if they don't, it would be the end of their domination. They have unlimited surf offering at the moment but its not as focus, mass market friendly and as oriented as that of Sun Cellular. They only consider mobile surfing as an add-on service, well they should think twice from now on, whether they like it or not, mobile surfing is going mainstream and its going to take over SMS very soon.

I'm looking forward to what Globe Telecom would do having the best Call and SMS postpaid offering at the moment, will they offer the same package as that of Sun Cellular particularly on their Business Postpaid Plans like a 799 Unlimited Call and Surf dropping the Unlimited SMS perhaps, or a cheaper and better one? Its a good package in my honest opinion and Globe should offer it by all means. Smart Telecom? Nah, they don't really care, I don't expect them to offer better Postpaid deals and they had suffered because of this, Globe Telecom is currently the number one Postpaid service provider in the country amidst Smart dominance in the prepaid arena.

So there you go, I hope Telecom networks can read this and act ASAP, clock is ticking fast!

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