Thursday, January 27, 2011

Philips introduces Philips Blade Ultra Slim LED Monitors

Philips launched its new generation Ultra-Slim Philips Blade LED monitor.

The new monitor features a chic and glossy design and measures at 12.9mm thin (thinner than my smartphone :) ), making it one of the slimmest monitors around.

Aside from the gorgeous looks and space-saving attributes, the LED monitor also features a peculiar set of controls, replacing the traditional buttons with touch sensitive icons called SmartTouch controls that responds to even the slightest touch.

The embedded Philips SmartImage technology optimizes display performance and allows you to select pre-programmed contrast, color saturation and sharpness settings or modes like Office, Image, Entertainment, Economy, etc.

Cap that with the 2ms response time via Philips SmartResponse Turbo and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and what do you get? – A superior picture quality and the best full HD widescreen gaming and video experience.

The Philips Blade LED Monitor comes in two models. There’s the 229CL2SB, 21.5” model and the 234CL2SB, 23” model. The 23” model is HDMI ready. :)

You can get the 21.5″ for Php 8,900 and the 23″ model for Php 9,900, a pretty cheap price for a new LED monitor model with Full HD, HDMI connectivity and a bunch of other features. :)

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