Saturday, April 10, 2010

SUN CELLULAR vs RED MOBILE - Who Has The Better Unlimited?

For those who are not aware RED MOBILE is the mobile service of Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise Inc. (CURE) which is a subsidiary of SMART COMMUNICATIONS.

CURE's old mobile service was "umobile" and their operations are very small. In 2008, Smart Communications bought CURE and rebranded umobile to Red Mobile.

Red Mobile offers "UNLIMITED" call and texts Red to Red which is similar to Sun Cellular. Smart wants to compete with Sun's 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited Service thru Red Mobile.

Now, let's who has better service:

SUN has various 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited load offers like its 25, 100, 150, and 450 unlimited dominations plus they also have Text Unlimited and combo loads.

RED has the same offers with limited unlimited load offers - 25 (for 1 day), 125 (for 1 week), and 500 (30 days). Other than that they charge almost the same with Sun.

However,Red Mobile Denomination starts at Php 25 with 1 day validity of unlimited red-to-red call and text, plus 60 free texts to all networks. Second denomination is worth Php 125 with 7 days validity of free call and text with 300 free texts to all networks. The highest denomination is Php 500, that’s a 30 days unli call and text with 1000 free text to all other networks. The free text offer is valid until May 31, 2010.

SUN has improved a lot when it comes to nationwide coverage with more than 5,000 cellsites. Call quality and network traffic has been significantly improved.

RED uses the nationwidest coverage of SMART and honestly its their biggest advantage. Call quality and network traffic is at the best.

The downside however of RED has limited and expensive offers when it comes to their unlimited services. In short SUN has more value for money offers than Red. Another downside is unlimited offers are only available Red to Red. Sadly, Red's sister brand Smart and Talk N Text cannot experience Red's unlimited call and text services as compared to Globe's unlimted services were Globe and sister brand Touch Mobile can have unlimited calling and texting to each other.

Another thing, may kilala ba kayo na naka-Red? Ako wala e. Mostly Sun and Globe ang contacts.

I guess RED will appeal to many subscribers in the provinces in which Sun has no coverage yet. SUN still remains the better network for me.

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