Friday, April 9, 2010

Globe Postpaid FAQs For My Rewards My Globe (4438)

Q: What is 4438 all about?
A: 4438 is the access number used by the new loyalty program of Globe called “My Rewards. My Globe.” We’d like to let you know that any message that you will receive from this number “4438” is valid and legit.

“My Rewards. My Globe” is the new loyalty program that rewards all active Globe mobile subscribers for using and staying with Globe. Just by simply being an active Globe Mobile Subscriber, you can enjoy discounts and freebies with many partner establishments around the country.

Q: Who are qualified to join the Globe Postpaid Loyalty Program?
A: All Globe Postpaid mobile subscribers with active accounts can immediately avail of our discounts and freebies at partner establishments.

Q: I am a Landline/Broadband subscriber, am I included in the program?
A: Landline and Broadband subscribers will also be part of the program but we will be announcing its launch on a later date as we are preparing something special for this set of subscribers.

Q: Who will be eligible to earn points under the Globe Postpaid Loyalty Program?
A: Eligible Globe Postpaid Subscribers are those subscribers under Consumer account who are active and whose 2-year subscription has ended.

Q: What are the rewards that a qualified Globe subscriber can redeem?
A: Reward options range from Globe products and services like Bill Rebates, Globe services such as Tattoo sticks, Duo, handsets and Lifestyle Rewards like cool gadgets, electronic appliances and travel miles.

Aside from redeemable items, subscribers get to enjoy exclusive discounts and freebies from Globe and partner establishments.

Q: What are the discounts and freebies that I can avail of under the Globe Loyalty Program?
A: Subscribers get to enjoy exclusive discounts and freebies from Globe and partner establishments. We have partnered with various restaurants & food outlets such as Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, KFC, Little Asia; retail stores like Folded & Hung, Jelly Bean, Digital Walker, Fully Booked; hotels such as Astoria Plaza and Microtel; and other stores like David’s Salon, Automatic Center, Timezone and so many more.

Q: Are all Postpaid Subscribers eligible to these discounts and freebies?
A: Yes, these discounts and freebies are given to all Globe mobile subscribers.

Q: How do I avail of these discounts and freebies?
A: Simply go to participating partner establishments and text the merchant keyword that may be seen on posters/standees to 4438. You will receive a mobile coupon which you need to show the cashier/store personnel so you can avail of the discount or freebie. The store personnel/cashier will delete the message/mobile coupon after your transaction. Downloading of the mobile coupon is free of charge for the first three months of the Program.

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