Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Cheapest Call and Text Unlimited: The Sun Magic Zone

Sun Cellular seriously wants to take over Mindanao as they launched a Mindanao loving SIM card called the Sun Magic Zone Mindanao. Yes, it is the cheapest call and text unlimited because for as low as 10 pesos, users could enjoy unlimited call and text unlimited to Sun Cellular subscribers. The SIM is currently being sold for PhP20 pesos with 2 days unlimited call and text so it’s as good as given.

Here are the price brackets:


10 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU10

15 1 day Unlimited Calls and Texts+10 Text to other networks MCTU15

50 7 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU50

200 30 days Unlimited Calls and Texts MCTU200

If you try to look at the price bracket, PhP200 for 30 days is dead cheap, no other promotion from both Smart and Globe Telecom can beat this down but there’s a catch, the SIM can only be use within the Mindanao area and won’t work outside the zone and with Unlimited offers used only for Sun Cellular subscribers within the area. Regular Sun loads can be used to call and text subscribers outside Mindanao both Sun Cellular and other Network users.

Tricky isn’t it, but more often than not, most of the people we interact often were within our reached, colleagues at work, friends, family members among other acquaintances so this is just as good as other offers. You must also bear with the limited coverage of the network and must have the power to convince peers to switch to Sun.

Anyways if this given drawbacks were okay to you, then this is a perfect offer to grab!

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