Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chikka Text Messenger is still alive; new version coming on August 25

And you thought that our beloved Chikka has faded into oblivion, eh? Well, think again. The PC-to-mobile phone text-messaging platform is alive and kicking, and is even coming out with a new, cheaper version.

The Chikka Text Messenger Version 5, which can be used with Google Talk and is compatible with operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac, is the latest incarnation of the decade-old IM service (yep, Chikka is 10 years old!). It retains the same features that made it a hit during the texting revolution. You know, 10 years ago when the Philippines' Internet penetration was a mere 2% and many simply relied on their mobile phones?

But this time around, Chikka is offering a new payment scheme: an off-peak pricing system where replies to Chikka messages will cost only P1. Definitely good news for those working abroad. Also, several "Unli" packages will be offered by Globe, Sun, and Smart.

Expect iOS 4, Symbian, Android, and BlackBerry Chikka apps as well.

Yes, with the focus on social networking and the rise of other PC-to-handset SMS services, Chikka did start to linger in the background. Founder Dennis Mendiola, though, still believes that Chikka is still relevant, saying that more and more are using the Web as a means for communication, which is what Chikka is all about in the first place. So the new version now aims to put Chikka back on the map and in the hearts of today's online population, especially our OFWs. It will be available for download starting August 25. Welcome back, Chikka!

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