Friday, November 19, 2010


Enjoy clear, continuous, consumable calls of up to 30 minutes and get free texts to all-networks for only P25!


1. Max Call Combo is available and exclusive to Buddy subscribers nationwide.
2. Package offers 100 Smart/Talk ‘N Text sms + 10 sms to all networks + 30 Smart/Talk ‘N Text consumable minutes valid for 1 day for only P25.
3. Availment of the package is as follows:

* To register via SMS, subscriber must send 25 to 2522.
* The Max Call Combo shall also be available via Smart Load Retailers nationwide.

4. The subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration or eload and shall be credited the Max Call Combo package.
5. To call, the subscriber must dial *2522+ 11-digit Smart/Talk ‘N Text number. Ex: *252209181234567. Calls may be availed any time of the day. Calls dialed without the calling prefix shall be charged regular calling rates, deducted from the subscriber’s airtime balance.
6. The subscriber must maintain P1.00 airtime balance to continue using the package.
7. Package validity is 1 day.
8. Multiple availment of the Max Call Combo is allowed. Concurrent availment with other packages is allowed.
9. The package may not be used for roaming or international transactions. Package must be used for peer to peer transactions only and not for commercial purposes or for spamming.

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