Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PLDT touts first mobile cloud solution

Rampaging tech giant PLDT has introduced what it claimed as the country’s first mobile broadband solution that offers integrated cloud-based Internet protection.

Dubbed as PLDT WeRoam Protect, the solution allows a company’s mobile workforce to access the Internet as well as the company’s intranet network and software applications through a wireless Internet connection.

PLDT vice president and head of corporate business Jovy Hernandez said in a statement that solution addresses the need of large companies to increase the productivity of employees while providing a secure Internet experience.

“Global studies show that employees spend an average of two to three hours per day surfing the Internet for non-business reasons, especially those who work in the field using mobile broadband,” Hernandez said. “The concern of large companies is that this practice exposes the end-user to security risks and, to some, even productivity losses.”

The large companies who need increased data security and higher productivity can use PLDT WeRoam Protect which limits Internet access only to officially sanctioned websites, the telecom firm said.

“For most companies, managing their mobile Internet traffic is an IT nightmare,” said PLDT head of corporate business solutions Vic Tria. “Traditionally, you would have to spend millions in software and hardware to provide enterprise-grade Web security to mobile workers. PLDT WeRoam Protect does this all within the cloud, thus lowering costs and allowing a hassle-free and highly-scalable implementation.”

Hernandez added that through the power of cloud computing, PLDT WeRoam Protect can guarantee a substantial increase in mobile workforce productivity by thoroughly filtering all Internet content according to the client’s needs.

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, where software, data storage and other resources are shared over the Internet.

With cloud computing, mobile users can access their company’s network and applications remotely through the Internet.

The new service offering is powered by Zscaler, a security-as-a-service solutions provider.

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