Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sun International MMS is now only P5 per message!

Do you want to send a picture of your graduation to your Dad in Saudi Arabia? Do you want to send a video greeting to your Mom in Hong Kong? Want to send your best friend in Canada a “how are you?” message with her favorite pop music? Send International MMS with Sun! Because Sun’s International MMS is now only P5 per message! At a very affordable price, you can send pictures, music and videos all from your Sun mobile phone. Now that’s real value for money!

With Sun Cellular’s International MMS, you can stay connected with special people in your life anytime – to Grandma in Australia, your nephew in Italy, Kuya in Malaysia, your special someone in the USA, or to your college buddy in Singapore. Imagine the surprise they’ll feel when you send them heart-warming messages, your latest photos and funny videos. You will make them feel closer to home. Indeed, your P5 goes a long way.
This IMMS service is open to all Sun postpaid and prepaid subscribers. International MMS for message content (video/non-video) up to 100kb is P5, while content up to 300kb is P10/iMMS.

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