Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Philippines Broadband Provider: Wi-Tribe

Wi-Tribe is the new player in the local broadband market. Based on the information posted on their website wi-tribe is owned by San Miguel and Qtel. I’ve been hearing about this company for several months now since a lot of my friends from SMART and Globe have been talking about it. Anyway, what’s interesting about wi-tribe is that they use 4G. Here’s the definition of their service: wi-tribe uses 4G because it is the future of broadband technology the entire world is moving towards. 4G (Fourth Generation) is the class of technologies that delivers hi-speed broadband and multimedia services and applications. In contrast, 3G is voice technology that is being used for some internet applications like small screen applications and casual surfing. Facts about 4G in a broadband application: 4G is broadband that delivers true wired speeds without wires. 4G is faster because it has more bandwidth. 4G is completely portable so you can enjoy it in your office, so you can bring it to your favorite coffee-shop, or your hang out. 4G is 3 times faster than 3G technology. 4G is the preferred broadband technology that will give you the richer, pleasurable internet experience you truly deserve. I was able to find a wi-tribe promotional booth in Mall and I was able to use one of their demo units. I was under the impression that they’d be selling USB dongles like SMART Bro or Globe Tattoo. Much to my dismay though they were only offering a plug-and-play wireless modem which was kinda big and bulky. The good thing about this though is that you can use the modem anywhere in the Metro. Just plug the cable to your PC and power adaptor and then you can log-in and go online. Their starter package costs 900+ monthly for a 1MBPS connection. Note though that there is a 2 year lock-in period. I decided against buying one since I already have a pretty stable DIGITEL connection at home. I was considering trying their service if they offered mobile USB modems but apparently it will take them a few more months before they can roll those kind of products out. If anyone here owns a Wi-Tribe account, please do share your experience so far below in the comments section.

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