Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Execs to travel less with video technology

IN THE NEAR future, the number of businessmen who travel will be reduced significantly because of Internet enabled technology known as video communication.

Video communication, which is a cheaper and better form of communication, is an emerging communication platform that will be utilized more by businesses in the coming years to replace traveling abroad for business meetings, according to Teo Chit Seng, Tandberg sales manager for Southeast Asia.

Seng says video communication, which is easy to deploy, use and maintain, can raise the productivity of organizations by providing efficient and cost-effective communication platforms among the employees.

For example, a high quality video communication technology provided by Tandberg called “Telepresence” is a videoconferencing solution that makes a room become a forum for natural communication between participants who are in different locations with the participants on the video walls appearing almost in 3D.

“Video communication is the next step into the evolution of communication and there should be mass adoption of this technology for companies to experience its many benefits,” says Seng.

Seng says video communication can make businesses collaborate more and make decisions fast.

Tandberg is a Norway-based provider of videoconferencing solutions and is currently under the process of being acquired by Cisco Systems.

Aside from the Telepresence solution, Tandberg offers a portfolio of products that include HD video conferencing solution (Intern MXP HD or Centeric 1700 MXP HD), which is designed for healthcare applications.

Personal video conferencing products include the Video VoIP Solution, a desktop solution, and Movi software that enables PC users with webcam to join an enterprise-wide videoconferencing.

Tandberg’s solutions are different from consumer type of videoconferencing application like Skype.

Tandberg videoconferencing solutions can be integrated with the company’s existing communication systems like PABX, IBM Lotus, office communicator. They also feature encryption (for security) unparalleled video and voice quality, reliability of networks and ease of use.

The power of Tandberg solutions comes from a reliable backbone of networked system containing content servers, video communication servers, and management suites.

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