Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese company accuses Apple of ripping off its tablet PC

The iPad ripped this off? As unimaginative as the iPad is physically, we have no doubt that it is designed by Apple. Heck, the fact that it looks like an overgrown iPod touch is already testament to its Apple-ness. But Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial begs to differ, accusing Jobs & Co. of copying their P88 tablet PC. Admittedly, the P88, which was originally launched last September during the IFA trade show in Berlin, bears some resemblance to the iPad but mainly because they're both tablets. Despite that, however, Wu Xiaolong, SGLBI's president, said that he is "angry and flabbergasted" (really, people still use the word "flabbergasted"?) at Apple's new device. P88 Tablet Wu said that despite his company's reputation of creating shanzai or "copycat" devices. he is certain that "for this thing, we are not shanzhai because we were first." Wu admited that suing Apple in the US will take a while, but should they decide to sell the iPad in China, they will sue them this spring. First Fujitsu, now these guys. Apple's really rackin' up on enemies now, both credible and otherwise.

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