Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smart launches new unlimited call plan

Just got this while reading the news today i have summarize it for Smart Subscribers.

Smart postpaid plan subscribers have new reason to celebrate as Smart offers unlimited-calling postpaid plans for 'calling circles', that will surely save you cost.

Called 'Smart Gold Quattro', this postpaid plan is a for member group subscription which allows the group members to make unlimited call within the four lines (or member of the group) listed specified as the 'calling circle' without needing to dial prefix number.

Smart Gold Quattro is available in the following plans: 1800 , 2500 and 3500 (which i also think is its price).

Individuals who qualify for the plan may choose to avail themselves of any of the modes as SIM-Only, at lower limit, and only 6 months of lock-in period or users can avail themselves of brand-new handset that comes free on every plan, at higher limit and 24 months lock in period.

For Quattro 1800
LG Cookie for primary member and remaining 3 members may avail Samsung E1080.

For Quattro 2500
Nokia E63 or Nokia 5230 for primary member and remaining 3 members may avail Samsung E1080

For Quattro 3500
subscriber may choose between two bundles namely Nokia E63 bundled with three Samsung S3500i handset or Nokia 5230 bundled with three Nokia 2730c.

*existing rates apply to other services such as on-net voice, off-net voice, sms, and IDD.

So that's it if you plan on getting Smart plan subscription you might wanna see this first and decide

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