Sunday, July 18, 2010

Report a PLDT problem via SMS with 77171 TXTPRESS

It’s no surprise anymore that whenever you call the PLDT hotline to report a problem, it will take ages and a day to get to talk to a support personnel. And you would still be lucky if that person can really help you or even give you a sound explanation.

Now PLDT is offering its subscribers a way to report complaints, do balance inquiries, apply for a service via SMS, etc. 24×7.


This service is FREE but it still only available to SMART and Talk n’ Text subscribers.

Here’s how to use 77171 TXTPRESS:

Description Send to 77171

To report a complaint PLDT REPORT
To apply for a service PLDT APPLY
To check account balance PLDT BAL
For product inquiries PLDT PRODUCTS
To get inquiries on Business Offices PLDT BUSOFFICES
To get inquiries on payment centers PLDT PAYCENTERS
To get instructions on DDD security PLDT DDDLOCK
Help Option PLDT Help

Now the question is, will it really offer any value to customers who wants. After texting, the only thing they’d get in return is an automated response. Does it really translate to a prompt action or follow-up? Or even a callback for that matter?

Anybody tried this service yet for reporting problems?

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