Sunday, June 26, 2011

Globe ENCASH to deploy ATMs in the countryside

ENCASH, the Philippines’ first Independent ATM Deployer, gets to set up its own automated teller machines (ATM) in the countryside primarily to serve ATM cardholders and people in areas where there are no commercial bank ATMs available.

Today, they’re the preferred partner of the large network of rural banks operating in the regions, now aggressively set-out to offering ATM services.

With this mission, ENCASH uses the Virtual Private Network (VPN) of Globe Business which provides for the secure and reliable connectivity required by these ATMs.

Jose Maria Valdes, Director for Operations at ENCASH, said that ATM business is the business of dispensing money, so the first thing you have to make sure of is that the network is secure.

Second, you have to make sure the system is always up.

"We were able to locate the ATMs in remote areas and make sure the messages are transmitted in a secure manner and the system is practically available 99 percent of the time using the technology offered by Globe", said Valdes.

He added, "We needed a network that is private, secure and under our control. We found these in the Virtual Private Network of Globe. We are assured of a network that is both stable and reliable."

Globe VPN gives business customers their own private network. Unlike standard private network offerings this is internet based yet it is completely secure.

Various offices are connected together in a private fashion in their own private network but without the prohibitive cost of a standard private network service.

ENCASH intends to reach 400 ATMs by the end of the year in partnership with Globe Business. It is targeting almost 700 ATMs by 2012 using Globe VPN.

Business solutions like VPN is just one of the many communication tools that Globe Business offers to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Globe Business is the one-stop shop that offers wireless, wireline and data services simplified to meet every business requirement.

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