Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cool, new features of Microsoft Office 2010

It’s getting near folks. No more dealing with the beta version. Coming this July, the Microsoft Office 2010 will be available for retail here in the Philippines.


So what’s new with Office 2010? If you haven’t tried the beta version, here are some of the new/improved cool features from Microsoft’s suite of office productivity tools.

Office Backstage

Backstage with print preview

The new Microsoft Office Backstageâ„¢ view replaces the traditional File menu, helping you quickly get to operations such as save, share, print, and publish with just a few clicks.

screenshotInsert Screenshot

With Office 2010, you can now take full or partial screenshots and quickly use it on your document. It has a built-in screenshot tool where you can instantly insert any active window or you can choose just a screen clipping.

Improved Photo Editing

You can now do more things with Office 2010’s built-in photo editing features. You can easily remove background from photos or cliparts, add effects such as reflection, shadow, etc. No need for Photoshop or gasp, MS Paint, just to edit pictures on your documents.

Sparklines in Excel 2010


Sparklines, a new feature in Excel 2010, can create small charts in a single cell to quickly discover patterns in your data. It’s a quick and easy way to highlight important data trends such as seasonal increases or decreases, saving you time.

Video Editing


With Office 2010, you can now do basic editing within your PowerPoint presentation. Trim your videos so you don’t have to show the whole clip. Found a video online? Embed it into your presentation to add more drama into it.

New Transitions in PowerPoint

Everybody who worked with PowerPoint would love the new transition effects PowerPoint 2010 has to offer. They look really look smooth and classy, like something you would see on TV. Now your school or sales presentation won’t be as dull as before.

Online Web Apps

Office 2010 features Office Web Apps which allows users to store Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files online, allowing one to access, view and edit documents from anywhere. You don’t need Office installed in your machine to view or edit files online, all you need is your browser.

Broadcast your presentationbroadcast

One of the key personnel didn’t show up for your PowerPoint presentation? No problem. Just share the presentation with him which he can view via his internet browser. You still need to find a way to share audio though.



Was there a time that you want to go through a document with another person who’s on a different place? You can do that now with Office 2010. You can share your documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) via SharePoint or through online Office web apps with other people who can edit them with you.


There are three versions of Microsoft Office 2010: Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional and they will be available this July. No word on exact pricing yet but expect the Home and Student to retail for less than Php5000 ($100).

For those who bought or registered their Office 2007 after March 1, you are entitled to a free upgrade to Office 2010. Beta versions will expire this October.

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